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From heavenly islands to lost paradises

Departure from Nembrala or Kupang (Timor) in the South West of Rote island to the 3 tiny islands of Raijua, Sabu and Dana to find culture, animists tradition and stunning beaches in abundance. Then, sails to the beautiful islands of South Sumba, Menggudu – Kota – Lahalura, to be surrounded by mountains, jungle and sandy beaches. End the journey at Waingapu (airport) in the East of Sumba.
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Explore the amazing island of Sumba passing by Komodo National Park.
From Waingapu (airport) to the 3 tiny islands of South Sumba (Mengudu – Kota – Lahalura), return to Labuan Bajo, Flores (airport).

You will have the possibility to reach lost islands and an idyllic environment formed by mountains, jungle and sandy beaches. Explore the beautiful islands of South Sumba, Menggudu – Kota – Lahalura and discover also secret spots in the South West of Sumba. Then, Komodo open his door on the bay of South Rinca to visit its famous wild dragons, the magic mountain of Padar and a last swim with the Manta Rays before returning to Labuan Bajo.
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Welcome to Alor, a small island located at the North of West Timor, and at the end of an Eastern Flores little archipelago. The first-class diving sites of Alor area have been pioneered recently. The topography, flora and fauna of Alor’s region are slightly different to the ones that can be seen in the Komodo area. The island offers scenery of smoking volcanoes surrounded by sparkling blue seas and emerald green forests fringed by sandy beaches. Diving in Alor promises great visibility, drift dives, walls and coral gardens; it is one of the most prolific and diverse eco systems on Earth. Sunfish, dolphins and whales can be seen there. Get ready, the beauty of the aquatic world in Alor is hard to beat!

Experience amazing cruises around the islands of South Sulawesi and discover the Wakatobi Park. Hardly known by tourists, this area is a genuine paradise for snorkelers and free divers who are willing to explore exclusive sites. This small archipelago, offering pristine beaches and magnificent coral reefs, in one of the finest treasures of Sulawesi. Stumble across the back of beyond aboard one of our boats and relish in the splendors of this outstanding island.

Departure from Bira (transfer by car from Makassar airport) or directly from Wakatobi airport


A real diving exploration in the idyllic islands of Kai in the South of the Moluccas. These dive sites are still unknown by tourists and are full of surprises. The flora is made of plentiful, colourful, healthy hard and soft corals. The fauna is rich,with various species that you will surely meet during your dives: pygmy seahorses, mandarin fish, frogfish, moray eels and of course lots of nudibranchs. Big fish lovers will be able to see large shoals of jacks, bumpy parrotfish, barracudas, turtles, dogtooth tunas, fox sharks, reef sharks and sometimes, with luck, hammerhead sharks and mantas rays.

The adventure starts here ! An amazing journey that will take you to the spices islands (The Moluccas) intensely longed for by Ferdinand Magellan in the old days.

An exquisite itinerary, following the Equator by the Northern route departing from Bitung (near Manado – North Sulawesi). Sail through the tiny islands between Sulawesi and the Moluccas to reach Morotai and the magical Halmahera. Fantastic snorkeling in unexplored spots, waterfalls surrounding beaches and with a bit of luck, encounters with whales on the way. Travel along the Equator and wander through the islands scattered in this archipelago

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