Lambo Sailing Cruise

Land and Sea (snorkelling), Diving, Surfing & Expedition Liveboard from Gilis to Raja Ampat (Papua), passing by Komodo National Park and The Moluccas Islands in Indonesia

Cruise 5 to 12 days, min. 5 max. 8 passengers

Lambo is a traditional Indonesian “Lambo” (one mast, a main sail and a Genovese jib). This spacious 24-meter vessel was built in Sulawesi and launched in 2009.

She is completely equipped for diving. A great crew, including professional dive masters, guide you safely in amazing underwater sites. Lambo specializes in diving charters but has already carried out other types of charters – surfing amongst others- in various locations such as Sulawesi, Mentawai (Sumatra), Ternate et Morotaï (Moluccas archipelago), South Lombok, South Sumbawa, South Sumba and of course, Bali.


Lambo can host up to 8 guests in 4 bunk beds cabins. You’ll be able to relax in the open dining area and on the aft deck furnished with shaded mattresses. The large front deck and the three accesses to the boat (one on each side + one at the back) are convenient for divers. There is also a detached galley, two showers and 2 comfort WC’s.

Diving & Surfing aboard Lambo

The journey will take you to the most amazing dive sites in Asia. You’ll be stunned by the abundance of colorful fish and corals, from the quiet waters of Moyo to the protected Komodo Marine Park.

Open water and Advanced divers (PADI or equivalent) are qualified to dive within the Komodo Park. Diving equipment, spares and compressor are on board. Enjoy splendid cruises in Eastern Indonesia: explore the Moluccas islands or discover the incredible Raja Ampat archipelago!

These protected sites offer a great variety of coral and marine creatures. Experience the magic of these archipelagos and treat yourself with unforgettable memories.

In addition to classics “Land and Sea” or “Diving” Komodo and Raja Ampat itineraries offered on our website, this boat also offers special cruises focus on other activities or new itineraries:

(We invite you to have look at our calendar to know the availability and contact us for more information.)



A diving Eden! Raja Ampat is 40 000 km2 archipelago located off the Papua coast, offering magnificent seabeds. This area is one of the rare sites ranked 5* in the world. A combination of emerald sea, lagoons, limestone islands, secret passages, mangroves and wild forest provide an outstanding environment. Scarcely inhabited and visited, the park always seems to be explored for the very first time. Mantas Rays, sharks, jacks, shoals of mackerels… We often meet here the wobbegong, an incredible specie of flat shark that lives in the region. Come to discover the « Coral Triangle », one of richest area for biodiversity on Earth. A real gem with an amazing aquatic world and fabulous birds… the pledge to a marvelous journey into the wild.

The Lambo bring you to discover the pristine underwater wonderworld of Misool.

The South East of this island is a dream destination. Those 425 square kilometers Marine protected Area (M.P.A.) have been delineated by the Misool Eco Resort, with approval from the local traditional owners of that beautiful land. Extended in 2010 (now 1220 km2), this place offers to divers a festival of huge sea fans, amazing colorful soft corals, and a massive amount of fishes.

One of the richest underwater ecosystem in the world, Misool is also rich on the outside. You will enjoy exploring his karst spires landscape and its beautiful dense mangrove…

The rest of the cruise is around the heart of the National Park, with Penemu and the Dampier Strait.

From the Dampier Strait to the gorgeous Wayag, this cruise offers worldclass diving and some stunning landscape. This loop, compared to the Southern one, will fit to people not only focused on scubadiving, but also keen on discovering the Raja Ampat archipelago on land.

Our first stop will be in the Dampier Strait, that sits directly in the path of the Indonesian troughflow. On most of the dive sites of the area, the sweet spot is where the current hits the reef, bringing some high concentrated nutrients waters. Schools of fish, cruising pelagics and sharks are all concentrated on that strategic point. Famous also for its birds of Paradise, labyrinthine mangroves, lush forests, white sand beaches and traditionnal papuan villages, The Dampier Strait is full of surface interval activities.

In the rich waters of Aljui Bay, chosen by the Atlas farm to grow its high value pearls, you will dive steep walls covered with soft coral, sponges and invertebrates. Kawe has great dives to offer. Eagle Rock and its cleaning station for Manta rays, Canggu with swimthrough, overhangs, pinnacles and schools of fish or Black Rock, a large plateau with massive boulders covered of black coral bushes.

The visit of the inner lagoon of Wayag is the highlight of the cruise, and definitely the most spectacular landscape of the Raja Ampat archipelago. You will climb the mount Pindito and explore this last Eden on earth. Numerous karst rock formations with white sand beaches and cristal clear waters are standing in the middle of nowhere, and create a perfect protected area to moor up. We will also dive around those mushroom-shaped rocks.

The end of the cruise will be split between the underwater exploration of Penemu island, and the North of Batanta with a final walk to its splendid waterfall.

Located between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores, The Komodo National park is an archipelago of three Islands: Rinca, Padar and Komodo, surrounded by many smaller ones and many tiny rocks… Exposed to one of the main crossing flow between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, those rich waters are a paradise for scubadivers.

For a short cruise of 5 to 7 days, you are going to explore the Center and the South of the National Park. With its warm and clear waters (28 degree), that’s definitely the best place to spot sharks, manta rays and schools of fish. Seamounts, steep rocks, channels or more classic sloppy drift dives, they are all exhilarating diving…

For a longer cruise of 10 to 12 days (or on a special ONLY SOUTH KOMODO short cruise charter request), The Lambo liveaboard will bring you to the wilder south. Due to some oceanic upwelling current and the quantity of plancton and floating particules, the water is colder (24 degrees) and the visibility lower… A Heaven for underwater macro photographer! The South host many species of invertebrates (sea cucumbers, nudibranchs, colourful soft corals, feather stars etc…), crabs, shrimps, frog fish or ghost pipe fish… You will also be lucky to observe the famous komodo dragons walking freely on the beach. A true experience.

We also offer different surface interval activities like hiking on the wild savannah hills, chill on some deserted pink beach, and walk among its numerous wildlife (Komodo dragon, waterbuffalo, deers, wild pigs…)

Click here to download Komodo National Park itinerary.

The Lambo will bring you to an epic crossing! We are sailing from Gilis Islands, passing by North of Lombok and along the Sumbawa coast to reach the Komodo national park, land of the world’s biggest lizards. In Moyo island, you will enjoy diving on sublime slopes and walls. If you choose to dive only two times this day, you will have the option of swimming and jumping in the fresh and clear water of the Moyo’s waterfall.

Around the Sangeang volcano, you will be amazed by the aquatic phenomenon of bubbles created by the volcanic activity. A rich marine life of invertebrates and colorful soft coral in the black sandy bottom that makes those sites particularly atypical. In the deserted island of Banta, we take you exploring its healthy reef to hopefully meet the magical manta ray.

You will be then ready to enjoy the powerful currents of the Komodo national park, which bring dolphins, sharks, manta or eagle rays, pelagics and schools of fish… Five full days to be delighted explore this worldclass diving area. Not forgetting the surface interval activities whose few hikes and the encounter with the huge komodo dragons, masters of this savannah’s territory.

With a departure from Kaimana, West Papua and an arrival to Saumlaki, Tanimbar Island you will board the ship for a 10 days/ 11 nights journey.

Parts of this cruise are proper explorations. Some areas in Indonesia have been under-dived and still need to be explored. After good feedbacks from other liveaboards, the Lambo is going in those areas to discover new pristine destinations.

In Triton bay, some Bagans (huge traditional outriggers fishing boats) are fishing the anchovies, and are often feeding the Whale Sharks. During our journey, we will try to meet those gentle giants. On land, some traditional rocks paintings are interesting to check during surface interval activities.

The Banda Sea is becoming one of the best underwater spot in Indonesia for scuba diving. Extremely remote, this “ring of fire” of the eastern Indonesia has been preserved by most of the commercial human activities. Those isolated volcanic Islets and small archipelagos are surrounded by the deep waters of the Banda Sea and create the perfect environment for pelagics and big schools of fish. Many different species of dolphins and whales are also commonly spotted. And the best of the best… since few years, the Banda Sea starts to become well-known for the seasonal schools of hammerheads. Join us for this 12-days adventurous and epic cruise in October!

This cruise, rich and varied, brings you to explore three exceptionnal scubadiving areas of Indonesia. Your journey starts in the Ambon’s bay. Temple of the muck diving with the famous Lembeh’s strait, Laha is the mecca for underwater photographers looking for Critters. Hairy frog fish, Indian walkman, Ambon scorpion fish, Rhinopias, ghost pipe fish, Seahorses and other creatures could be spotted there.

The next stop is in the historical Banda islands.

This Archipelago is composed of 7 main Islands. Pulau Ai and Run are located off West coast of Naira Island, where the harbor is located. The still-in-activity volcano Island Gunung Api is the highest peak and protects Bandaneira from the western wind. With Banda Besar on its south, it creates a magnificent Bay in the middle of nowhere. On the Northeast off Banda Besar, Pisang and Hatta islands are the two last islands. The diving there is amazing, in warm and clear waters. Walls, great-shaped topography and beautiful hard coral garden are waiting for you. Hammerheads and oceanic sunfish have also been observed there…

A Visit of the Bandaneira’s museum, former Dutch Fort, Market and nutmeg plantations will be proposed in the Banda Islands. A trek to the top of the Gunung Api volcano would be also possible, for the most morning and motivated ones.

Crossing the Seram Sea will bring us to Koon Island, protected by WWF, known as a giant grouper mating place and a heaven for turtles to bury their eggs. Our last stop will be in the famous Raja Ampat National Park, in Misool, epicenter of the biodiversity in the world. This underwater wonderland is an Eden for the divers. It hosts some of the best reefs of the world, with dramatic topography and a rich marine life. Schools of fish are hovering up to colorful soft coral, massive sea fans, and huge sponges… Misool is also wonderful on land with some picturesque karst formation, mysterious caves, and mangroves…

This loop starting and ending in Maumere (Flores), is an off the beaten track underwater adventure. This cruise ranges from the Eastern tip of Flores itself, via the islands of Adunara, Solor, Lembata and Pantar, plus numerous islands in between, to the island of Alor.

From world class muckdiving on the blacksand slope of the Adunara volcanos to classical walls and coral reefs, this area offers also to scubadivers some high voltage diving along the Alor strait and in the southern shores of those islands. Critters hunter would be amazed to find numerous rhinopias, frog fish or nudibranches along sandy slopes, pinnacles or walls covered of soft coral. Big fish lovers will enjoy the spectacle of pelagics and sharks with whales and dolphins cruising around.

The straits in the area play also an important role in the exchange of marine life between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Each year, whales and dolphins travel through the deep and narrow Nusa Tengarra volcanic chain, which has been identified as an important migration route for sea mammels and schools of tunas. Mola-mola, commonly called oceanic sun fish, or Hammerheads have also been spotted there.

Join us for this exciting cruise, last border between Flores on the west, and the deep Banda sea on the East.

This cruise especially focuses on the wild and untouched West Papua underwaters. According to marine biologists surveys, the biodiversity in the area is the highest recorded on Earth. With 1508 fish species, 537 coral species (75% of all species existing in the world) and around 700 molusk species, the variety of marine life is staggering.

Cruising and diving around Misool, surrounded by its karst cliffs and primary forest, is a true unique experience. Those 425 square kilometers Marine protected Area (M.P.A.) have been delineated by the Misool Eco Resort, with approval from the local traditional owners of that beautiful land. Extended in 2010 (now 1220 km2), this place offers to the divers a festival of huge sea fans, amazing colourful soft corals, and a massive amount of fish. Heading South, the Lambo will make a stop in the underdived Pisang Islands, to finally reach the 6000km2 of the Triton Bay Marine Protected Area.

Famous for its new species of walking shark or common whale sharks sightings, this area has productive waters feeding productive reefs. “Soft coral capital of the world”, its dive sites range from pinnacles to walls, boulders covered of invertebrates or shallow coral garden. A must!

Between the 16th and the 18th century, Ternate was one of the main trade center of spices in the World. At the time, Chinese, Arabs, Indians and the latest European vessels exchanged their own products with these priceless cloves and nutmegs.
In this cruise, we offer to our guests to follow this historical trail to the splendid Raja Ampat, surrounded by a spectacular volcanic landscape. Scubadiving the remote and underdived North Maluku is a real adventure, completely off the beaten track.

Our first stop will be the virgin islands of Goraichi and their numerous seamounts. Heading South, the Patintie Strait hosts some healthy reef and a rich marine life, with incredible topographies and powerful currents. Our last stop before the Raja Ampat will be the unknown Weda’s Bay, with its otherwordly walls and sharky underwater ridges and seamounts. A good place also to observe the birds of paradise and discover the conservation effort of the Weda eco resort. The end of our journey will take us to the magnificent island of Penemu and the Dampier Strait. Epicenter of the Raja Ampat National Park, it offers worldclass diving with schooling fish, grey reef sharks, manta rays, pygmee seahorses and other creatures. A wonderful and colourful way to end a incredible cruise.


Schedule 2018

Date/Time Cruises Activity Status
12 Dec 18 - 20 Dec 18

Date: 12 Dec 18 - 20 Dec 18 Raja Ampat DIVING and SNORKELING Liveaboard with LAMBO
Route: Sorong - Sorong Activity: Diving - Land & Sea Status: 8 spaces available

Diving - Land & Sea 8 spaces available
23 Dec 18 - 02 Jan 19

Date: 23 Dec 18 - 02 Jan 19 Raja Ampat DIVING and SNORKELING Liveaboard with LAMBO
Route: Sorong - Sorong Activity: Diving - Land & Sea Status: 8 spaces available

Diving - Land & Sea 8 spaces available
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  • Voltage: 220v 1000 w
  • Overall length: 24 m
  • Boom: 6 m
  • Draught: 2 m
  • Tonnage: 27 t
  • Sails: 190 m2
  • Engine: Mitsubishi 6 cylinders 190hp
  • Facilities: snorkel gears, canoe, sound system
  • Safety equipment: Oxygen, security plan, life jackets, survival kit
  • Diving equipment: Complete diving gear, spare, tanks, compressor


Destinations Period Cruise Prices 2017 Not included
Komodo only 5 to 12 days
April to October
Diving Diver price: 190€/day/passenger

Non-diver price: 175€/day/passenger

Diving equipment: 20€/day/diver

Fees to be paid on site according the time spent in the Komodo Park

Out of Komodo

Raja Ampat (Papua)

10 – 12 days
October to February
Diving Diver price: 220€/day/passenger

Non-diver price: 200€/day/passenger

Diving equipment: 20€/day/diver

Park, sites entrance fees and Port clearance: 100€/passenger

Surfing in the Moluccas archipelago 11 days
January and February
Surfing  200€/day/passenger Park, sites entrance fees and Port clearance: 35€/passenger

Price Details


  • Cruise full-board (3 meals/day + snacks and soft drinks)
  • Dives with a Dive Master/Instructor
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Transfer from/to airport
  • Booking of domestic flights

Not Included

  • Flights fares
  • Diving equipment
  • Park Entrance Fees & Port Clearances
  • Alcohol

We are happy to organize your domestic flights and transfers.

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Lambo map: Cruise from Gilis to Raja Ampat, passing by Komodo and The Moluccas