Liveaboard in Raja Ampat year round. Land & Sea, Beaches, Karst Cruising, Villages, Snorkeling, Kayaking and Beach Dinner Parties.

Cruise of 7 Days/6 Nights in Raja Ampat

First drawn in the sand beaches of Raja Ampat, Bigkanu blends the traditional outrigger canoe with a dash of NASA alloy engineering. Build by Kiwis and Australians, this luxury 4 wheel drive of the ocean, gets adventurer tourers into the bays and canyons of Raja Ampat where no liveaboard dares tread.


She has 9 small airy, single guest cabins, 3 of which have fold up, double bunks for a couple. The boat interior is configured for day and night modes. By day, that boat open to one big cool airy cabin, but which can divide into a small private cabin for each guest with louver bifolds, avoiding that embarrassing need to meet the unknown cabin mate. Each cabin has lot of view and ventilation.

Cruising aboard Bigkanu

Bigkanu is the queen of adventure touring in SE Asia’s most “wow” destination, serving up deep natural immersion, in a sauce of wet, warm and sometime hilarious adventure.
There is a beautiful, almost peaceful feel about life in Raja Ampat, it is gentle is nature. The boat is comfortable, safe and stable, and there is no need to share the cabin.
On the way, you will discover enchanting villages with a slow life, very charming, some are little protestant Christian villages, with a 1960’s missionary feel.
The waters are warm, clear and fascinating. The boat itself was designed specifically for Raja Ampat, to tuck into bays, beaches and islets close to the shore, where you can easily swim, SUP or kayak a few meters to shore. Boat life offers an experience that is all about personal freedom to wander, to paddle off on a SUP board or kayak, or stroll through a village at sunset without a return deadline. It’s an adventure, yes, but it’s also gentle and fascinating. Dining is offered on a wharf or a beach most nights.

Breakfasts are the big mutli choice options of western breakfast mainstays – a health-first agenda. Lunches and dinners are all buffet style, using fresh local products, in a fun, fusion of Asian and Western mix.

Characteristics & Specifications

  • HULL: 24m Aluminium Multihull with a 12m beam.
  • ACCOMMODATION : 9 private guest cabins, 3 with double bunks.
  • TENDERS: Twin 6m trimaran tenders (15hp) plus 3 paddle boards and 1 kayak.
  • POWER: 4000watts of solar, 2 small generators and 110hp Yanmar main engine.
  • SAIL: Indonesia’s biggest lateen sail.
  • SAFTEY: 20man raft, life jackets, flares and SIMRAD comms. Expeditionary hull with crash bulkheads and protected rudder and prop. Australian SAR linked Sat Epirb.
  • DRAFT. 0.9m…”access all areas” pass.
  • CREW. Chef, Captain, Guide and Engineer.


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