Special package MadeInItaly, The Boat / fine dining combined with cruise liveaboard aboard sailing boat in Indonesia

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The Fine Dining sunset cruise through the magnificent Komodo Archipelago and beyond.
Lunch, Dinner or private party* are available

Leaving the harbor at 11 am for a lunch cruise, ends after sunset
Leaving harbor at 2 pm for a dinner cruise, ends after dinner

Fine dining meal for each person is included 1 of the following:

Finger food
Pasta course
Main Course
Glass of wine
Free flow of San Pellegrino
Espresso Bialetti

Many extras on board such as:
Prime selections Champagne, Italian red and white wines, Late harvest Wine, Whiskey, Rum, Cigars, Chocolate, etc…

The menus on board are various, everything depends on the availabilities in the market; please let us know if you have any food particular allergy or religion cause.
The Boat:
The MII boat offers up to 10 seats on board and leaves with minimum 2 persons which could be chartered (with a different price) or sharing with other guests. The place where the boat moors is always different, depending on the weather condition, tides and currents.

Eight hours Fine dining trip through the beautiful archipelago and beyond . . .

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