Nowadays, it’s not complicated to go on a liveaboard for any kind of cruises.

But what can you expect from a classic cruise operator based in northern Europe? Is he really a specialist, knowing the Indonesian Archipelago, the seasons, the boats crew?

We don’t know!

But what we are sure, it’s that sailing is our passion for many years. We had the chance to sail our around the archipelago, from Aceh to Papua, crossing all the renewable spots, but also doing a lot of exploration.

We believe in customer centricity, which means every Guest we welcome will get an exclusive tailor made treatment, from the first mail till the end of the trip.

Getting on a cruise with Pirates’ Bay Cruising is not only an other way to discover Indonesia, but also an amazing experience sharing with people from all around the world.

Not sure yet? Drop us an email, or get in touch by phone, we’ll be happy to answer all your requests!