Experience the Gili and Lombok islands

Easily reachable by fast boat from bali or lombok, the gili islands (gili trawangan, gili meno and gili air) are worldwide famous for their small size and laid-back vibe. Experience the gili and lombok islands’ white sandy beaches and turquoise waters!

Experience the Gili and Lombok islands Experience the Gili and Lombok islands

The Gilis and Lombok Islands

Experience the Gili Islands and get away from pollution! No motor vehicles are allowed on the islands and you will move by bike, horse cart (Cidomo) or on your own feet!

An experience in the Gili Island is an experience in three different worlds!

You’ll choose Trawangan for its festive and cosmopolitan life, Meno for lovers in search of a haven of peace or Air for its friendly atmosphere.

Once you experience the Gili Islands, it is very hard to leave! The best solution is to use them as a departure/arrival point to your excursions!

Non-divers will find their happiness in snorkeling and will be eager to meet green turtles living on the edge of the 3 islands. The Gili’s are the right place to dive for the experimented divers or to take your Open Water or a higher level certification if you are already a regular visitor of the underwater world.

This small archipelago caters for everyone’s tastes and budgets. Regardless of how you experience the Gili Islands, you will find here a little paradise!

The Gili Islands are also the departure point of many of our sailing cruises in Indonesia! Departure from Gilis to Komodo aboard Lambo for a diving cruise or Bulan Purnama for a land and sea snorkeling cruise.

The Gili Islands in the north are too hectic for you? Then head to the south! We also organise short sailing cruises to the Gili’s in South Lombok aboard Bulan Purnama and Mikumba Dua. If you prefer a more adventurous experience in the Gili and the Lombok Islands, a cruise to the Gili’s off Sekotong peninsula is calling! Imagine perfect sandy beaches without the crowds, abundant marine life and an atoll just for you! Between snorkeling and walking barefoot in the sand and on board, you will forget you ever worn shoes! Immerse in a complete tropical journey and experience all the Gili Islands have to offer!


Lombok or the one who became the second Bali, but as many Indonesia lovers says, like Bali 20 years ago.

Indeed, long while ago remained in the shadow of her famous neighbor island, Lombok acquired in recent years, a considerable reputation and attracts more and more curious in search of nature and exchange with the local population. Here, everything is different from Bali: culture, traditions, architecture and religion.

Following its tourism development, the International Airport has opened a few years ago, so it is easy to reach Lombok by flight.

Lombok has much to offer with its beautiful sandy beaches of South Lombok, the area of Kuta – Gerupuk delight surfers with hightlight spots that can be suitable for amateur and pro.

Dominated by the majestic Rinjani Mountain, which is the second highest indonesian peak and still an active volcano, you will find the opportunity to climb up to his pick for the most brave, with a stunning view on the lake and the hotsprings. The North is marked out with black volcanic sandy beaches that seems waiting for you to be explored. Between stunning rice fields surroundings, palm groves, tobacco fields, waterfalls and multiple bays, traveling through Lombok is rich and different all along the way.

An amazement for your eyes which starts as soon as you’ll arrive at the Bangsal’s harbour (coming from the Gilis).

Experience the Gili and Lombok islands


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