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Meet borneo orangutans and rare bird species

Meet borneo orangutans and rare bird species

Tanjung Puting – A Natural Sanctuary

This tour will bring you to Tanjung Puting, a National Natural Park located in the heart of the jungle and home to a unique ecosystem. Tanjung Puting remains one of the few places on Earth where you can observe Borneo’s orangutans in their natural environment.

Borneo’s biodiversity is very diverse and some species can only be found in this part of the world. You will see a variety of birds, insects, reptiles and mammals, from the smallest insect or insect-eating plant to the majestic sea eagle. You will observe geckos and butterflies’ acrobatic movements, pythons and tarantulas attentive moves and crocodiles’ impressive hunting skills. Meet Borneo wild boars, colorful kingfishers, elusive crescent bears, playful gibbons and noisy proboscis monkeys. Borneo orangutans are also living in this amazing park!

Meet Borneo orangutans and the Park’s biodiversity in style! You will cruise aboard Kalimantan Explorer, a powerful Kalimantan Klotok boat renovated to the highest standards. The ship was built in recycled resistant tropical hardwoods by South Sulawesi master boat builders. Kalimantan Explorer features a simple yet practical decor, a spacious A/C cabin and a bathroom equipped with hot water. The large outdoor deck is the perfect spot for observing Borneo’s orangutans and other species as you cruise in total relax. The chef combines Western and Oriental flavors to prepare delicious fusion dishes and the friendly crew is experienced and professional.


  • AURA Suite:  1 A/C cabin with 1 double bed + 1 extra single bed for up to 3 people
  • TEND SOLARIA: 1 tent / cabin on deck with 1 double bed for up to 2 people
  • Crew: 3 + 1 tour coordinator/ 1 Captain, 1 chef, 1 + 1 tour leader assitant / guide
  • Passengers: Up to 6 people
Tailor-made tour to Bali
Tailor-made tour to Bali

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