Explore Papua

Travel off the beaten track and meet indigenous tribes, trek through the rainforest in a mystical land full of history

A tailor-made tour to Explore Papua, Indonesia’s most remote land.

Explore Papua, Indonesia’s most remote land.

This adventure will bring you to the heart of a mystical land of animist rituals and colonial history where nature is luscious and biodiversity abundant.

On a week-long trekking you will explore Papua’s dense rainforests and climb lush green mountains, hear the songs of rare birds and immerse in a fully natural experience. You will travel back in time as you explore Papua’s remote villages and meet the Danis tribes in the Southern Baliem. You will visit scattered settlements in small communities and their gardens surrounded by steep peaks. You will observe indigenous tribes in their traditional attire decorated with feathers, bones and carved penis sheaths.

Explore Papua with Pirates’ Bay to live a unique life-changing experience!

From Jayapura airport, you will transit to Wamena to reach the departure point. Our partner on site will pick you up at airport to start this fabulous adventure!

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A tailor-made tour to java to explore a land of history, art and powerful nature at your own pace


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10 Days / 9 Nights
16 Nov 2019 - 25 Nov 2019
Jewels of Raja Ampat Raja Ampat Islands are situated on West coast of Indonesian’s province West Papua. Although the islands are among the best dive spots of Indonesia, they are still wild, not flooded with a wave of tourists. Just a few villages are located on the largest islands. Beautiful coral reef combined with a rich underwater life can easily ...


From375 USDpassenger/trip
10 Days / 9 Nights
16 Nov 2019 - 25 Nov 2019
We will be boarding in Sorong and sail to Pianemo where we will spend the night. Today we will discover the lagoon, snorkel, dive and climb to enjoy the famous scenary. During the night we will sail to Wayag. Between the many islets in this area we will snorkel, dive and do some water sports. Then we will climb to ...
Raja Ampat DIVING and SNORKELING Cruise with Kira Kira
5 spaces available

Raja Ampat DIVING and SNORKELING Cruise with Kira Kira

From200 EURpassenger/day
9 Days / 8 Nights
17 Nov 2019 - 25 Nov 2019
Enjoy a splendid cruise in Eastern Indonesia: explore the incredible Raja Ampat archipelago! The following itinerary has been designed to access the most engaging locations Raja Ampat has to offer, with intent to dive three times per day. Depending on the weather forecast, we will either plan a route starting from the Southern or the Northern part of the Park. ...

Raja Ampat SNORKELING Cruise with WISESA

12 Days / 11 Nights
19 Nov 2019 - 30 Nov 2019
Situated in the Northeast of the island of New Guinea in Indonesia West Papua, Raja Ampat (or the 4 kings) is part of the Coral Triangle where lives the richest marine biodiversity on Earth! This archipelago is composed by 1500 islands for a total area of 40000 Km2, that makes Raja Ampat the biggest marine National park in Indonesia! The ...

Misool or Raja Ampat DIVING & SNORKELING Liveaboard with TEMAN

12 Days / 12 Nights
21 Nov 2019 - 3 Dec 2019
From the Dampier Strait to the gorgeous Wayag, this cruise offers world class diving and some stunning landscape. This loop, compared to the Southern one, will fit to people not only focused on scuba diving, but also keen on discovering the Raja Ampat archipelago on land. Our first stop will be in the Dampier Strait, which sits directly in the ...
Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Tidak Apa’Pa

From240 EURpassenger/day
12 Days / 12 Nights
22 Nov 2019 - 4 Dec 2019
Banda ? Where on earth is that ? A small archipelago of 10 islands, off the South of Ambon, in the province of Maluku. Also called the “spice islands”, due to strong culture of nutmeg and cloves. OK, but why go there? The Banda Sea is on the migratory path of schools of hammerhead sharks! In October, if you’re lucky ...
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