Explore Papua

Travel off the beaten track and meet indigenous tribes, trek through the rainforest in a mystical land full of history

A tailor-made tour to Explore Papua, Indonesia’s most remote land.

Explore Papua, Indonesia’s most remote land.

This adventure will bring you to the heart of a mystical land of animist rituals and colonial history where nature is luscious and biodiversity abundant.

On a week-long trekking you will explore Papua’s dense rainforests and climb lush green mountains, hear the songs of rare birds and immerse in a fully natural experience. You will travel back in time as you explore Papua’s remote villages and meet the Danis tribes in the Southern Baliem. You will visit scattered settlements in small communities and their gardens surrounded by steep peaks. You will observe indigenous tribes in their traditional attire decorated with feathers, bones and carved penis sheaths.

Explore Papua with Pirates’ Bay to live a unique life-changing experience!

From Jayapura airport, you will transit to Wamena to reach the departure point. Our partner on site will pick you up at airport to start this fabulous adventure!

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