Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with LAMBO

From220 EUR
10 Days / 10 Nights
25 Nov 2019 - 5 Dec 2019
Ambon (Maluku)
Sorong (West Papua)
Max People : 5 min – 8 max

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This cruise, rich and varied, brings you to explore three stunning scubadiving areas of Indonesia. Your journey starts in the Ambon’s bay. Temple of the muck diving with the famous Lembeh’s strait, Laha is the mecca for underwater photographers looking for Critters. Hairy frog fish, Indian walkman, Ambon scorpion fish, Rhinopias, Ghost pipe fish, Seahorses and other creatures could be spotted there.

The next stop is in the historical Banda islands.

This Archipelago is composed of 7 main Islands. Pulau Ai and Run are off the West coast of Naira Island, where the harbor is located. The active volcano Island Gunung Api is the highest peak and protects Bandaneira from the western wind. With Banda Besar on its south, it creates a magnificent Bay in the middle of nowhere. On the Northeast off Banda Besar, Pisang and Hatta islands are the two last islands. The diving there is amazing, in warm and clear waters. Walls, great-shaped topography and beautiful hard coral garden are waiting for you. Hammerheads and oceanic sunfish have also been observed there…

Bandaneira’s museum, former Dutch Fort, Market and nutmeg plantations will be planned for a visit in the Banda Islands. A trek to the top of the Gunung Api volcano would be also possible, for the most morning and motivated ones.

Crossing the Seram Sea will drop us in Koon Island, protected by WWF, known as a giant grouper mating place and a heaven for turtles to bury their eggs. Our last stop will be in the famous Raja Ampat National Park, in Misool, epicenter of the biodiversity in the world. This underwater wonderland is an Eden for the divers. It hosts some of the best reefs of the world, with dramatic topography and a rich marine life. Schools of fish are hovering up to colorful soft coral, massive sea fans, and huge sponges… Misool is also wonderful on land with some picturesque karst formation, mysterious caves, and mangroves…

The minimum level of certification is OWD + Adventure Deep Dive or AOW. Possibility to do the Adventure Deep Dive certification on board (40EUR to pay on board), or in any dive centers on land.

While this is the description of a typical Diving trip, actual trips may vary due to wind and sea conditions, weather or guests preference

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Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 1

Ambon Bay

Upon arrival in Ambon, you will be picked up at airport by our team to join the boat. Welcome drink, boat briefing including safety rules on board and introduction of the crew members.

Dive 1,2 & 3: Village of Laha, dedicated to Muck diving.

Ghost pipefish, frogfish, rhinopias, indian walkman, nudis of all shapes and colors, triggerfish, ribbon eels, Leaf fish, many kind of shrimps, morays and other critters … spectacular!

Overnight sailing to Suanggi.


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 2


Dive 1: The Wall, Suanggi is surrounded by the Abyss… This rock is the visible part of a large plateau dropping in the deep of the Banda sea. Hammerhead sharks, oceanic sunfish or even thresher sharks have already been spotted here! Most commonly, big eyes trevallies and humpback wrasses.

Dive 2: Because you can never get enough!

Dive 3: The Deep Ridge, on the Western part of the Suanggi Rock, an underwater ridge stretches out. A great topography with underwater mounts and valleys.


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 3

Pisang Area

Dive 1: Mandarin Fish Festival, a very shallow dive (3 meters deep) to admire those incredibly colourful fishes.

Dive 2: Pohon Miring, another highlight in the Banda area. Crystal clear water, schools of damsel fish, triggerfish and sumptuous sea fans. Orange dendronepthya, barrel sponges and vertiginous walls.

Walk and visit Belgica Fort, Banda museum and the spice market.

Dive 3: Batu Kapal, banda’s highlight. This seamount made of three pinnacles hosts a rich marine life. Giant groupers, barracudas and sometimes scalloped hammerheads.


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 4

East Part of Banda Archipelago

Dive 1: The hole in the wall, entry through the hole leading to a wonderful arch where the wide angle photographer will enjoy the scenery: sea fans of every sizes and colours.

Dive 2: The curve, located in the South of Hatta Island, the reef is defined by a nice long curve which leads to a never ending wall. Say hello to the Abyss. Sharks, tunas and humpback wrasses could be spotted. In case of thermocline, open your eyes, you could be lucky enough and meet some scalloped hammerhead sharks!

Dive 3: Karang Hatta, submerged reef in the middle of nowhere… Pelagic in the place!


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 5


Dive 1: Too Many Fish, sandy slope famous for being a breeding site for groupers (a zone under the WWF protection). Attracts numerous schools of fish, great diversity of species: Raja Ampat style!

Dive 2: Koon Wall, close from Too Many Fish, perfect for the second dive of the day.

Dive 3: Too Many Fish, because you cannot get enough!


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 6

Boo and Magic Mountain

Dive 1: Magic Mountain, another highlight! Seamount in the Eastern part of Warakaraket, a theater of marine life at its best. Sharks and pelagics are part of the show!

Dive 2: Yiliet Kecil, famous for all the red sea fans covered with white dots.

Dive 3: Boo Windows, for the wide angle photographers!! After spending your non-decompression time following the ridge and the pinnacles of the site, you will be excited to cross a beautiful 10 meters deep plateau covered of bid boulders and surprised by the famous Boo windows in the last 5 meters. By calm sea, you would have fun to cross this passage back and forth.


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 7


Dive 1: Whale Rock, just like almost everywhere in Misool, you can find here a great variety of pygmy seahorses such as Barbiganti and Denise.

Dive 2: Fiabacet, pinnacle famous for the numerous schools of fish.

Dive 3: Fiabacet Ridge, another Highlight in Misool area. Underwater ridge linking Tank Rock and Nudi Rock dive sites. Wobbegong, groupers and yellow fins barracudas.


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 8


Dive 1: Wedding Cake, a mushroom shaped rock with multiple overhangs.

Dive 2: 4 Kings, one of the highlight of Misool. 4 submerged pinnacles in the middle of nowhere. Pelagic action, soft corals, fishes and fishes…

Dive 3: Taka Saleh, seamount made of four pinnacles. From the smaller to the bigger, this submerged reef has a rich and explosive marine life.


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 9

Farondi and Balbulol

Dive 1: Balbulol Corner, shallow dive in a wonderful cave. Entrance via a canyon full of soft coral. Haven of peace for all the nudibranchs.

Dive 2: Farondi Cave, surprising site with a cave, a swimthrough and a nice wall with overhangs.
Dinghy ride around the splendid lagoon of Balbulol. Sugar leafs, crystal clear water and amazing landscapes.

Dive 3: The 3 Sisters, seen from outside, this site is made of three rocks which are actually linked by a submerged reef.


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 10

Kri (Dampier strait)

Only 2 dives during the last day.

Dive 1: Blue Magic, submerged reef, grey reef sharks, barracudas, tazars, sometimes manta rays.

Dive 2: Sardine, THE seamount of the strait. Another site which cannot be missed!


Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with Lambo

Day 11


End of the trip and transfer to the airport according to your flight schedule.


The route and dives are always organized according to the weather conditions, the currents and tides.


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