Misool and North Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with TEMAN

From350 EUR
12 days / 12 nights
27 Feb 2020 - 10 Mar 2020
Sorong (Papua)
Sorong (Papua)
Max People : 6 min – 12 max

This cruise, rich and varied, brings you to explore the most stunning area of Indonesia. Discover the unique archipelago of Raja Ampat, located off the Papua coast. This area of 40000km2 is a five stars biodiversity heaven, offering plenty of enchanting islands and of course, an exceptional marine life. The exploration of this breathtaking region aboard one of our boats promises memorable land excursions and fabulous diving experiences.

The minimum level of certification is OWD + Adventure Deep Dive or AOW. Possibility to do the Adventure Deep Dive certification on board (40EUR to pay on board), or in any dive centers on land.

Day 1


After approximately 1 hour of navigation, we will have our first dive check in Matan Island.

Overnight sailing to Misool.

Day 2

Wayil Area, Misool

Dive 1: Taka Saleh, this seamount is made of four pinnacles. From the smallest to the biggest, this underwater reef has an explosive marine life.

Dive 2: 4 Kings, one of the highlight of Misool. 4 submerged pinnacles in the middle of nowhere. Pelagic action, soft corals, fishes and fishes…

Dive 3: Wedding Cake, a mushroom shaped rock with multiple overhangs.

Mooring in the North of Wayil.

Day 3

Fiabacet Area, Misool

5:30 am departure to Fiabacet.

Dive 1: Fiabacet Ridge, another Highlight in Misool area. Underwater ridge linking Tank Rock and Nudi Rock dive sites. Wobbegong, groupers and yellow fins barracudas.

Dive 2: Magic Mountain, another highlight! Seamount in the Eastern part of Warakaraket, a theater of marine life at its best. Sharks and pelagics are part of the show!

Dive 3: Boo Windows, for the wide angle photographers!! After spending your non-decompression time following the ridge and the pinnacles of the site, you will be excited to cross a beautiful 10 meters deep plateau covered of big boulders and surprised by the famous Boo windows in the last 5 meters. By calm sea, you would have fun to cross this passage back and forth.

Mooring in the North of Yiliet.

Day 4

Babulol and Farondi, Misool

Dive 1: No Contest, underwater ridge with multiple pinnacles. Exposed to the currents, there’s a great fish action here.

Dive 2: Balbulol Corner, shallow dive in a wonderful cave. Entrance via a canyon full of soft coral. Haven of peace for all the nudibranchs.

Dive 3: Farondi Cave, interesting site for its caves and arches covered with colourful soft coral.

Overnight sailing to Penemu.

Day 5

Penemu and Yangeffo

Dive 1: Melissa’s Garden, famous dive site in Raja Ampat. It is absolutely stunning and full of life!

Field of unharmed staghorn coral in the safety stop area. So uplifting to find such an preserved coral nowadays! Some underwater ridges from each part of the site guarantee the sight of pelagic and sharks coming from the deep.

Dive 2: My Reef, a ridge one that cannot be found on the marine maps. Located in the North of the island of Penemu. Yellow fins barracudas, jack fish, reef sharks and groupers…

Dive 3: Citrus Ridge, a submerged ridge which crosses the strait, separating Gam from Yangefo.

Day 6

Aljui Bay

Dive 1: Mayhem, another submerged reef near Yangeffo. 3 hours navigation to the entrance of Aljui Bay.

Dive 2: Purple Haze, we will start the dive exploring some rocks covered with soft coral and ending the dive on colonised purple sea fans.

Dive 3: Solar Jetty, a great night dive in front of the pearl farm of Aljui. Frogfish, scorpion fish and for the luckiest, an encounter with a walking shark.

Mooring in front of the ATLAS pearl farm.

Day 7

Kawe East

Departure to Kawe at 5am.

Dive 1: Canggo, spectacular dive site! Exposed to strong currents, Canggo requires a careful planning. The numerous tunnels, pinnacles and walls attract schools of snappers, giant napoleon wrasse, bumphead wrasses, trevallies and much more…Divers get ready for the show!

Dive 2: Weka’s Bow, exposed to the swell, there is a big marine activity here.

3 hours of navigation to reach Wayag.

Dive 3: Figure Eight Rock, a peaceful site for the last dive of the day.

Mooring in the lagoon of Wayag.

Day 8


The postal card of the Raja Ampat, Wayag is a real masterpiece from Mother Earth. Its lagoon is a labyrinth of sugar loafs. Protected from the winds and the currents, it is a nursery for many species such as the manta rays and the sharks. Nonetheless, we will go diving outside the lagoon.

Dive 1: Pelagic Rock, exposed to the swell, the marine fauna and flora are amazing. Some grey reef sharks are often spotted there too.

Dive 2: Ridge Rock, closer from the lagoon. This rock is made of an underwater ridge ending on a colorful pinnacle.

Dive 3: Coral Garden, an easy and enjoyable dive in a coral garden full of activity.

Hike (pretty steep) up the amazing Mount Pindito. Departure at 4am to Kawe.

Day 9

Kawe West and Wofoh

Dive 1: Black Rock, coming out from the sea and hiding a large reef. The most beautiful part is the little area located in the North, stretching to the West and ending on huge pinnacles colonized by soft corals. Blacktip sharks, yellow fins barracudas, giant groupers and many more.

Dive 2: Eagle Rock, famous for the big favorites of the park: the manta rays and the big amount of sea fans.

Dive 3: Black Forest, the best dive site of Wofoh! Paradise for seahorses hiding in uncountable sea fans, porcelain crabs, boxer or peacock tail shrimps to name just a few…

Mooring for the night close to the island of Wofoh.

Day 10

Dampier Strait

Dive 1: Manta Sandy, cleaning station for the Manta rays.

Dive 2: Sawandarek Jetty, a pontoon covered of purple soft coral which attracts a lot of fish. Some pygmy seahorses can be spotted (Pontohi).

Dive 3: Sorido Wall, close from Cape Kri, this site is amazing during high tide.

Mooring in the South of the island of Kri. Walk on the beach and sunset, a taste of paradise!

Day 11

Dampier Strait

Dive 1: Cape Kri, one of the Dampier Straight highlight. An impressive marine life. Large school of barracudas, big eyes trevallies, sweatlips, snappers, Encounter with grey reef and blacktip sharks, spanish mackerel, turtles…Intense!

Dive 2: Sardine, You don’t want to miss that one either…

Dive 3: Tapokreng (Night dive), the best night dive in the area. Octopus, rhinopias, ghost pipefish and numerous species of scorpion fish are spotted there. A must!

Mooring in front of the village of Tapokreng.

Day 12

Dampier Strait

For the most motivated ones, a trekking at dawn to observe the famous Birds of Paradise will be organized. Please note that people willing to do it could not join for the morning dive.

Dive 1: Batu Lima, a beautiful sandy area with multicolor coral boomies.

Dive 2, Blue Magic, highlight to end up this cruise with last beautiful underwater session. Grey sharks, barracudas, wobbegong, big eye trevallies, spanish mackerel and who knows, some oceanic mantas could come to say goodbye!

5 hours sailing to Sorong.

Day 13


End of the trip and transfer to airport according to your flight schedule.

The route and dives are always organized according to the weather conditions, the currents and tides.

From350 EUR
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