Misool – Raja Ampat DIVING Liveaboard with TEMAN

From270 EUR
10 Days / 10 Nights
8 Dec 2018 - 18 Dec 2018
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The South East of Misool is a dream destination. Those 425 km2 of Marine Protected Area (M.P.A) have been delineated by the Misool Eco Resort, with approval from the local traditional owners of that beautiful land. Extended in 2010 (now 1220 km2), this place offers to divers a festival of huge sea fans, amazing colorful soft corals, and a massive amount of fishes. A pristine underwater wonderland.

One of the richest underwater ecosystem in the world, Misool is also rich on the outside. You will enjoy exploring his karst spires landscape and its beautiful dense mangrove…

The end of the cruise is around the heart of the National Park, with Penemu and the Dampier Strait. With 5 stars dive site like Melissa’s Garden, Cape Kri, Blue Magic Boo and much more.

The day-to-day itinerary describes the dives. Snorkeling takes place at the same or close-by locations.

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Day 1

Arrival and Navigation to Matan Island

Pick up form Sorong airport and transfer to the boat. Welcoming fresh juice, breakfast, introduction to the crew members and general boat and safety briefing. Diving equipment set up and navigation to MATAN Island for a check dive.

Overnight navigation to Misool where we will arrive early in the morning.


Day 2


PELE’S PLAYGROUND: Tip totally on the West from Waaf, often attracts schools of anchovies and their predators. Show time!

KALEIDOSCOPE: Underwater ridge on the North-West tip of Pele. Bushes of black coral and multicolor fields of sea fans.

FUBAR: This underwater pinnacle is a real sanctuary for the wobbegong sharks.

Mooring on the West of Pele.


Day 3


ORANGE PEEL: A wall covered with orange sea fans. Grey and blacktip sharks, sea turtles, dog tooth tunas…

FOUR KINGS: A highlight in Misool. These four underwater pinnacles have a unique topography and are full of fish: trevallies, harlequin sweetlips, batfish…

WEDDING CAKE: A rock in a mushroom shape with numerous overhangs.

Mooring in the North of Wayil.


Day 4


5:30 am departure to Fiabacet.

FIABACET RIDGE: Another highlight in Misool. This underwater ridge links the sites of Tank Rock and Nudi Rock. Grey sharks, groupers and yellow fins barracudas.

FIABACET PINNACLE: Seamount famous for the numerous schools of fish everywhere.

WHALE ROCK: Just like in almost every dive sites of the area, a great variety of pygmy seahorses can be spotted such as the Denise of Barbiganti species.

Mooring between two lime stones in the lagoon of Fiabacet.


Day 5


5:00 am departure to Magic Mountain.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN: THE dive site of Missol. Absolutely stunning.

BOO WINDOWS: A reference! Named like this from the two rock formations with holes eroded, which allow the divers to swim through. Amazing site with dramatic topography. Napoleon wrasse, batfish but also ghost pipefish can be found here.

YILIET KECIL: Famous for the red sea fans with those little white dots on them!

Mooring in the North of Yiliet.


Day 6


6:00 am departure to Taka Saleh.

TAKA SALEH: This seamount is made of four pinnacles. From the smallest to the biggest, this underwater reef has an explosive marine life.

BABY ROCK: The eastern part of this tiny rock has an exceptional topography: wall, canyon and pinnacle… On the West, a great fish activity can be observed on the slope.

BALBULOL CORNER: A shallow dive in a wonderful cave. The entrance is an open canyon covered with soft coral. A haven for nudibranchs.

Dinghy ride in the stunning laggon of Balbulol. Sugar loafs, cristal clear water and breath taking landscapes. Departure to Penemu for a sunset to remember. Arrival early in the morning.


Day 7


MELISSA’S GRADEN: Famous dive site in Raja Ampat. It is absolutely stunning and full of life! Field of unharmed stag horn coral in the safety stop area. So uplifting to find such an intact coral nowadays! Some underwater ridges from each part of the site guarantee the sight of pelagic and sharks coming from the deep.

MY REEF: A ridge one will not find on the marine maps located in the North of the island of Penemu. Yellow fins barracudas, jack fish, reef sharks and groupers… One cannot be bored.

CITRUS RIDGE: A submerged ridge which cross the strait, separating Gam from Yangeffo. Amazingly colorful hard coral, barracudas and wobbegong sharks!


Day 8


MANTA RIDGE: This dive is dedicated to the other super star of the park!

SAWANDAREK JETTY: A jetty covered with purple soft coral, which attracts a lot of fish. Some pygmy seahorses can be spotted (Pontohi) also.

SORIDO WALL: Close from Cape Kri, this site is amazing during high tide.

Mooring in the South of the island of Kri. Walks on the beaches and sunset, a taste of paradise!


Day 9


CAPE KRI: The one you cannot miss from the Dampier. A real legend. Hundreds of species of fish gather here for the pleasure of the divers.

SARDINE: THE seamount of the strait. Another site which cannot be missed!

SAPOKRENG (Night dive): The best night dive in the area. Octopus, rhinopias, ghost pipe fish and numerous species of scorpion fish are to be spotted there. A must!


Day 10


For the early birds a walk to discover the famous Birds of Paradise will be organized. Please note that people willing to do it could not join for the morning dive.

BATU LIMA: White sandy slope covered with wonderful corals.

BLUE MAGIC: One of the famous site of the area to end this cruise on a high note! Grey sharks, barracudas, wobbegong, big eye trevallies, Spanish mackerel and who knows, some oceanic mantas could come and say bye!

5 hours navigation back to Sorong.


Day 11


Breakfast and even lunch (if necessary) on board. Rest. Transfer to airport or hotels depending on your plans.

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From270 EUR
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