North & South Komodo Diving and Snorkeling Cruise with Tidak Apa’Pa

From150 EUR
12 Days / 12 Nights
6 Sep 2019 - 18 Sep 2019
Labuan Bajo (Flores)
Labuan Bajo (Flores)
Max People : 3 min – 8 max

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12 days trips will take you either to the wilder and cooler Southern part of the National Park, where you’ll meet strange invertebrate and Mobulas, or towards the North to the untouched island of Banta and the Sangeang volcano, where you can experience the “Bubble Dive” or swim with schools of barracudas.

 Keep in mind that currents can be strong and unpredictable at Komodo National Park (Guess why some dive sites are called High Voltage or ShotGun?) which is what makes this cruise such an Adventure !

Length: 12 Days / 12 Nights (Approximately 35 dives in total)

Experience level: Open Water – 30 minimum logged dives required.

While this is the description of a typical dive trip, actual trips may vary due to wind and sea conditions, weather or guests preference.

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Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 1


Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat. Welcome drink and introduction of the boat, cruise and team. We require a minimum level of Open Water – 30 logged dives.

Dive 1: Sebayur Kecil, perfect check dive with a wall, slope and sandy bottom (20 to 25 meters). Even though we are not in the national park yet, the reef is very healthy. For the most confirmed divers, a seamount away from the reef offers huge sea fans hosting some pygmy seahorses. Barracudas are often spotted there.

Dive 2: Sebayur, starting on a sandy slope leading to a wall, the marine life here is abundant: leaf fish, groupers, surgeonfish and jack fish.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 2


Dive 1: Tatawa Besar, a classic drift dive just like we love it.

Dive 2: Batu Bolong, another highlight of Komodo. This famous rock in the middle of the Linta strait is often synonym of strong currents. Being careful in the planning of the dive will allow us to fully enjoy this spectacular dive site. Walls, pinnacles, breathtaking coral and marine life.

Dive 3: Karang Makassar, a shallow drift dive to search for the stars of the national park: the Manta rays!

Possible night dive in Siaba Besar.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 3


Dive 1: Siaba Besar, a morning dive in Turtle City.

Dive 2: Castle Rock, a must! This seamount located in North of Gili Lawa Laut is worldwide famous worldwide for its incredible underwater activity. For this dive particularly, we will enter the water in the blue and reach the split to observe napoleons, dog tooth tunas, grey reef sharks and white tip sharks surrounded by schools of trevallies and fusiliers.

Dive 3: Crystal Rock, as rich as Castle Rock, this site can be more impressive for its sumptuous topography and the diversity of the coral.

Sunset trekking to see a great panorama on top of Gili Lawa Darat.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 4


Dive 1: The Cauldron holds its name from this circus shape. Here again, we dive in an amazing topography where we often have great surprises such as manta rays that can pop up here.

Dive 2: Golden Passage, a dive which can become very exciting. This channel separating Komodo Island from Gili Lawa Darat Island is a great drift with bumphead parrot fish, ignobilis and white tip sharks.

Dive 3: Gili Lawa Darat, a night dive dedicated to the critters and rare specimens.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 5


Dive 1: Siaba Kecil, drift in multiple overhangs surrounded by barracudas and red snappers. A beautiful final firework wait for us there. The staghorn coral attracts clouds of anthias.

Dive 2-3: Siaba Besar, Turtle Heaven and muck diving.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 6


Dive 1: Mawan, try to meet the manta rays again

Dive 2: Police Corner, explore the canyon with numerous school of fish and observe nudibranchs and mantis shrimps along the wall.

Dive 3: Wainilu, a sunset dive to spot the beautiful Mandarin fish mating dance, zebra crabs and coleman shrimps on colorful fire urchins.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 7


Dive 1: Pengah Kecil, small rock with pinnacles, wall and amazing coral and topography.

Rock sitting in the Center East of the park, he has a really good topography. Black and red snappers, giant trevallies, batfishes, emperor and turtles…

Dive 2: The Arch, this shaped stairs reef (located south west from the island) attracts sweetlips, snappers and trevallies. We will find a cave at 30 meters and the arch at 15 meters.

We moor in the South of the island.

Sunset Trek on the emblematic island of Padar and its 3 sandy bays.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 8


Dive 1: 3 Sisters, three underwater rocks with summits between 12 and 25 meters. When the conditions are good we can go deeper around 30 meters and meet the “little brother”. Underwater photographers and macro lovers will particularly enjoy the great variety of nudibranchs, shrimps and crabs.

Dive 2: Secret Garden, a muck dive where we could encounter the fabulous mobula rays.

Dive 3: Pilarsteen, some rocks with some twisted shapes, formed by the swell that comes out of the water in front of the small Padar. A lunar underwater scenery, with pinnacles and tiny caves. The wall has been colonized by yellow and orange soft coral. An interesting dive site!

Navigation to South Rinca, Nusa Kode.


Komodo liveaboard cruise indonesia

Day 9


Wild Komodo dragons on the beach!

Dive 1: Yellow Wall, this wall falling to 50 meters with an amazing overhang is impressive. Covered with yellow soft coral, this site is perfect to look for nudibranchs and other invertebrates.

Dive 2: Cannibal Rock, another dive here is planned because we never get enough!

Dive 3: Torpedo, a muck dive that has torpedo rays, bobbitt worms, and many unusual nudibranchs.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 10


Dive 1: Rodeo, an incredible seamount, almost out of the bay. This site is exposed to the swell and the currents which requires a very careful plan for the dive. Once underwater, what a show! And if we are lucky enough to have a good visibility, everything can be spotted. Schools of fish, sharks and even manta rays or sea turtles. The variety of coral is stunning.

Dive 2: Crinoids Canyon, many kinds of small invertebrate life can be found here on very colorful walls carpeted in featherstars.

Dive 3: Banana Reef, hard coral formation in the shallows and boulders cover with soft corals. Don’t forget to look into the blue the possible mobulas passing by.

Dive 4: Torpedo, again, but for a night dive which is even better!


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 11


Dive 1-2: Manta Alley, famous for the affluence of manta rays, schools of fish, sharks and other critters. Whether we find mantas or not, we will be amazed by this site.

Dive 3: Tanjung Loh Sera, superb diving all along a little wreck.

Heading back to Central of the Park.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 12


Dive 1: Batu Bolong, the other side for another great experience!

Dive 2: Sabolon Besar, last dive of the the trip, explore the underwater mountain to look for pygmy seahorses, popcorn or bubble coral shrimps and white tip reef sharks.

Heading back to Labuan Bajo, dinner on land and night on board.


Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia aboard Tidak Apa'Pa

Day 13


End of the trip and transfer to airport according to your flight schedule.


The route and dives are always organized according to the weather conditions, the currents and tides.


From150 EUR
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  • Diving & Travel insurance
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