Raja Ampat DIVING Liveaboard with LAMBO

From220 EUR
10 Days / 10 Nights
27 Nov 2017 - 7 Dec 2017
Max People : 5 min – 8 Max

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The South East of this island is a dream destination. Those 425 square kilometers Marine protected Area (M.P.A.) have been delineated by the Misool Eco Resort, with approval from the local traditional owners of that beautiful land. Extended in 2010 (now 1220 km2), this place offers to divers a festival of huge sea fans, amazing colorful soft corals and a massive amount of fishes.

One of the richest underwater ecosystem in the world, Misool is also rich on the outside. You will enjoy exploring his karst spires landscape and its beautiful dense mangrove.

The rest of the cruise is around the heart of the National Park, with Penemu and the Dampier Strait.
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Day 1:

Farondi Area (according to the arrival time in Misool)

– Dive 1: Farondi cave, surprising topography with tunnels, caves and wall with a nice overhang around 25 meters.
– Dive 2: Batu Tiga, A beautiful dive. Three rocks connected by two passages covered with multicolors alcyonaria and gorgonians. The famous Epaulette shark has been already observed there.
– Dive 3: Razerback rock, site exposed to the current. Short plateau in South, this rock has sublims walls on each side. Possible encounter with mobulas and tasars.

Day 2

From Farondi to Wayilbatan

– Dive 1: Grouper, splendid seamount surrounded by 4 pinnacles with the typical marine flora and fauna of Misool: gorgonians, pygmy Denise and barbiganti, alcyonaria, groupers, jacks and tasars.
– Dive 2: Seribu Warna, small rocks inside the Bay. Nice break between two rocks at 3 meters. Good potential for wide angle photographers.
– Dive 3: Barracuda Rock, wall, overhang and plateau with ultra active marine wildlife … yellow and black tails Barracudas and Kingfish ignobilis are known as residents.

Possible night dive for the most motivated divers.


Day 3

From Wayilbatan to Fiabacet

– Dive 1: 4 Kings, one of the highlight of Misool, 4 Kings are 4 submerged pinnacles in the middle of nowhere. Pelagics & corals fish
– Dive 2: Neptune Fan, special dive for gorgonians and pygmies. Look for the red Denise!! Beautiful wall in this channel exposed to the current. Assydies and multicolors alcyonnarians.
– Dive 3: Tank Rock, another highlight of the park. We don’t know where to look! Barracudas, sharks, trevelly fusiliers, tasars in the blue. Pinnacles with amazing corals on the reef side, occasionally Manta fly over.


Day 4


– Dive 1: Magic Mountain, another unmissable! Isolated seamount with a particularly active marine life. Sharks, pelagics and corals will delight you, if you have time to watch it!
– Dive 2: Boo Window, a ridge and pinnacles, then crossing of a 10 meters plateau covered with large head corals to end up in the famous Boo Window at 5 meters.
– Dive 3: West Boo, another extending ridge where we find the colorful reef of Misool and overflowing wildlife of Fiabiacet.


Day 5

From Boo to Farondi

– Dive 1: Whalerock, the biggest rock of the area, Whalerock is another magical place of Fiabiacet.
– Dive 2: Grouper, Dive a second time Grouper? Why not!
– Dive 3: Channel Rock, pretty 25 meters swimthrough with possible encounter with the giant grouper as resident. Then crossing to the main island where we discover a beautiful wall covered with soft corals.

Departure in the afternoon, arrival in the morning around Penemu island

Day 6


– Dive 1: Melissa’s Garden, One of the dive sites you cannot miss either. Abundance of fish, sharks and macro! One of the most beautiful coral garden in the Park.
– Dive 2: Keruo Channel, passage between two islands, known for its multiple gorgonians and soft corals.
Trip in Penemu lagoon aboard our dinghy. Again limestone and beautiful pictures that could be taken at the top of the view point.
– Dive 3: Denise Eden, gorgonians and pygmy seahorses.

Day 7

Arborek and Manta

– Dive 1: Manta Ridge, submerged ridge and cleaning station for Manta rays.
– Dive 2: Manta Sandy, cleaning station for the famous Manta ray Alfredy. A must!
Visit in the village of Arborek, Papuan village supported by many NGOs projects, it is the heart of the national park.
– Dive 3: Mike’s Point, strong currents and superb topography made up with overhangs and swimthroug. Many sweetlips, batfish and groupers.

Ride by dinghy through the Blue Mangroves of Gam island.


Day 8

Dampier Straight

– Dive 1: Mioskon, gentle slope, maximum depth 25 meters. Wobbegong or carpet shark, schools of sweetlips, black tips, snappers.
– Dive 2: Blue Magic, submerged reef and seamount. Grey reef sharks, barracudas yellow tails, tasars sometimes Manta.
– Dive 3: Friwinbonda, beautiful coral, known for its gorgonians and beautiful light. For fans of wide angle photographers.

Day 9

Dampier Straight and Kabui Bay

– Dive 1: Cape Kri, one of the highlight of Dampier Straight, full of fish: Sweetlips, red snappers, bigeye trevallies, yellow tail barracuda, surgeons… very frequent encounter with grey, black tip and white tip reef sharks, Manta, trevallies, turtles… Breathtaking!
– Dive 2: Sardine, seamount known for its overflowing marine life.

3 hours sailing to the Bay of Kabui where we will spend the night tied up between two rocks.
– Dive 3: The Passage, between river and sea. Roots, tree trunks and caves blend with soft corals and gorgonians. Encounters with turtles, sharks and especially nudibranchs and flatworms. Unique.

Ride by dinghy in the bay at sunset. Beautiful colors, limestone pinnacles, lush forest. Like Indiana Jones….

Day 10

Last day in Myoskon Bay

– Dive 1: Batu Lima, nice wall over several floors and splendid end of dive with numerous head corals in a white sand bottom.
– Dive 2: Cape Kri, a second dive will be not too much in the middle of multiple schools of Kri fish to finish this unforgettable cruise.

5 hours sailing to go back to the port of Sorong.

Day 11


– End of the trip and transfer to the airport according to your flight schedules

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From220 EUR
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  • Cruise full-board (3 meals/day + snacks + water/tea/coffee)
  • Dives with a certified guide
  • Snorkeling and diving gears
  • Park Entrance Fees & Port Clearances
  • Transfer from/to airport
  • Booking of domestic flights

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