Ternate – Raja Ampat DIVING Liveaboard with LAMBO

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From220 EUR
10 Days / 10 Nights
6 Feb 2018 - 16 Feb 2018
Max People : 5 min – 8 Max

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In this cruise, we offer to our guests to follow this historical trail to the wonders of Raja Ampat, surrounded by a spectacular volcanic landscape. Diving the remote and unknown part of North Moluccas as a proper adventurer, completely off the beaten track.

Our first stop will be the virgin islands of Goriachi and their numerous seamounts. Heading South, the Patinti Strait hosts some healthy reefs and a rich marine life with incredible topographies and powerful currents. Our last stop before the Raja Ampat will be the unknown Weda’s Bay, with its otherwordly walls and sharky underwater ridges and seamounts. A good place also to observe the birds of paradise and discover the conservation effort of the Weda eco resort. The end of our journey will take us to the magnificent island of Penemu and the Dampier Strait. Epicenter of the Raja Ampat National Park, it offers worldclass diving with schooling fish, grey reef sharks, manta rays, pygmee seahorses and other creatures. A wonderful and colorful way to end a incredible cruise.
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Day 1:

Jailolo Bay (MOLUCCAS)

– Dive 1: Batu Babua, rock with falling walls to 90 meters that allow for an encounter with pelagics.

– Dive 2: Matui seamount, submerged plateau which culminates in 5 meters depth. Relatively exposed to currents, it has an active marine wildlife. While diving off the exposed side, you will have of big chance to see predators.

Departure after the 2nd dive towards the Goriachi islands, arriving in the morning.

Day 2

Goriachi Islands (MOLUCCAS)

– Dive 1: Batu Aduh, small group of islands. Thanks to a fast descent in the split, you will see tunas, tasars, school of surgeons and fusiliers before passing the rock and get protected from the current.

– Dive 2: Tamo Tamo is the emblem of Goriachi with its amazing seabed! Life in the split, nice topography with tunnel and kind of underwater pinnacle.

– Dive 3: White tip Sharks plateau, another underwater pinnacle of a maximum 7 meters high, its average depth is 15 meters. Fusiliers, surgeons, numerous coral potatoes covered of alcyonarians.


Day 3

Goriachi Islands (MOLUCCAS)

– Dive 1: Pulau Goweba, small group of islands in West of Pulau Siko. In North, pinnacles, rocks and splendid wall that go forward to the outside of the reef then go down to 50 meters. Some napoleons as well as jack fish and bumphead parrots. A tunnel waits for us at 10 meters.

– Dive 2: Pintu Manis, the best dive of Goriachi. Extended rock from West to East that owns a superb coral. Black tips, napoleons, tasars, sweetlips, etc…

– Dive 3: Pulau Laigoma, nice drifting in shallow water, perfect for a last dive. Black tips, bumphead parrots, tasars and beautiful hard corals in the 5 meters.

In the evening, departure for the Patinti channel, about ten hours sailing.

Day 4

Selat Patinti (MOLUCCAS)

– Dive 1: Pulau Pokal, high rock right in the middle of channel, long plateau at approximately 30 meters. Then diving in the East of a succession of pinnacles and overhangs. Giant trevallies, grey reef or black tips sharks, tunas, tasars, school of fusiliers and surgeons. Spectacular.

– Dive 2: Saleh Kecil, splendid corals, tortured topography and big fish for this dive!

– Dive 3: Pulau Nanas, this is the richest corals area: colorful alcyonarians, different types of Acropora, crowd of large and medium sized fish.

Day 5

Selat Patinti (MOLUCCAS)

– Dive 1: Selat Proco, the best dive in this area. Really surprising topography. Black tips, gray reef sharks, tasars, dog tooth tuna, mini canyons and overhangs… Unmissable!

– Dive 2: Saleh Besar, drifting in the channel in a succession of mini canyons and rock blocks… Less big pelagics but very fishy.

– Dive 3: Jabu, vibrant coral reefs, inhabited by numerous “smalls” and others biggers. The South/South East point is certainly the most spectacular.

At the end of the day, departure for Joronga Island for about ten hours of sailing.

Day 6

Pulau Joronga (MOLUCCAS)

– Dive 1: Pulau Ganone, attractive dive along a wall full of fish.

– Dive 2: Karang Batuanyer, Big rock in South of Joronga. Lots of actions on this site.

– Dive 3: Rainbow Rush. The Domoro point is over-populated of rainbow Jacks but also napoleons and some black tip sharks.

In the night, departure for Pisang Island, 5 hours of sailing.


Day 7

Pulau Pisang (MOLUCCAS)

– Dive 1: Batuanyer Kecil, dense vegetation. Connected to an underwater ridge: rich in soft and hard corals. The aquatic life is outstanding.

– Dive 2: Banana Reef, reef in the South of Pisang. Path off a wall with flat slope.

– Dive 3: Batuanyer Besar, another small island, full of surprises, we can encounter the dolphins and sharks.

Departure after the 3rd dive for Penemu Island, 15 hours sailing.

Day 8


– Dive 1: Melissa’s Garden, one of the highlight of the Park. Profusion of fish, sharks and macro! One of the most beautiful coral garden.

– Dive 2: Keruo Channel, passage between 2 islands close to Melissa’s Garden. Known for its multiple gorgonians and its soft corals. Stroll in the Penemu lagoon with the speed boat.

– Dive 3: Denise’s Eden, populated by huge gorgonians of multiple colors, this site is a real hunt of the pygmies sea horses. We shall try to find with you pygmies pink and white Denise and purple or yellow Barbigantis.

In the early morning departure for the Dampier Straight.

Day 9

Dampier Straight (RAJA AMPAT – PAPUA)

– Dive 1: Manta Sandy, cleaning station site for the famous Alfredy Manta Rays. A Must!

– Dive 2: Mike’s Point, beautiful topography with overhangs and tunnels. Many sweetlips, bat fish and groupers. Speed boat rides among the mangrove maze of Gam island.

– Dive 3: Mioskon, gentle falling slop, maximum 25 meters depth. Wobbegongs or hidden sharks are the big stars but also school of sweetlips, snappers, lutjans or bumphead parrots.

Day 10

Dampier Straight (RAJA AMPAT – PAPUA)

– Dive 1: Cape Kri, one of the highlight dives of Raja Ampat. Full of fish, large population of medium-sized schools of fish such as sweetlips, red snappers, trevallies with big eyes, yellow tail barracuda, surgeons… Very frequent encounter with black and white tip or grey reef sharks, Manta, tasars, turtles… A must-see.

– Dive 2: Sardine, seamount known for his exalted marine life. A must also.

Overnight sailing.

Day 11


– End of the trip and transfer to the airport according to your flight schedules.

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From220 EUR
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