North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) SURFING Cruise with Lambo

From200 EUR
10 Days / 10 Nights
8 Jan 2019 - 18 Jan 2019
Ternate (North Maluku)
Tobelo (North Maluku)
Max People : 5 min – 8 max

During this cruise, you will explore the North Moluccas, last frontier for the surfers who get use to the Balinese waves and the Lesser Sunda Islands. You’ll discover one of the most remote Indonesian territory, close to the Philippines, exposed to the Pacific swell. The ultimate luxury will be to dispose your group of surfers toward world-class waves. A scarce in these times of surfing democratization.

While this is the description of a typical Surfing trip, actual trips may vary due to wind and sea conditions, weather or guests preference


  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 1

    Kao – Tobelo

    Upon arrival in Kao airport, you will be picked up at airport by our team to join the boat (2 hours driving). Welcome drink, boat briefing including safety rules on board and introduction of the crew members.

    Welcome to Halmahera! Quiet and small port town where a coconut fragrance gives off, Tobelo has a real smell of adventure. With its dockers equipped with hooks that serve to unload the copra bags from the trucks, its gemstones cutters and its population who greets with their regular « Mister », Tobelo is totally unique. Overnight sailing of 16 hours to the Buli Bay.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 2

    Teluk Buli

    Made up with multiple islets lined with coconut trees, the Buli bay offers incredible surf sessions in a marvellous setting. You’ll be alone to surf those world-class waves. A day out of time.

    Overnight sailing and anchorage in the morning in front of the Buho-Buho village.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 3


    The Buho-Buho village where surfing has been taken the most by the local population. The little wave facing the village and accessible even for the kids might certainly be for something. They surf it, most of them with a simple wooden plank. A small community of local surfers made a friendly strong bond with surfing boats and they love to come on board pay a visit. Great ambiance guaranteed! The boat will anchor as close to the wave as possible to spend the day on this left. Overnight sailing to Bere-Bere.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 4


    We will arrive at dawn to the spots close to Bere-Bere village. Several waves are available for our surfers. The one in Pulau Kecil, in North of this little island lined with coconut trees and the one at the western point that you could name however you like. Undoubtedly the wave with the biggest potential in the area… A good anchorage is there to allow us to spend a peaceful night.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 5


    A second day won’t be too much in this beautiful area. Departure around 1am to the Sopi bay.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 6

    Teluk Sopi

    This bay, exposed North, receives the biggest swell of the area but some wind too. It’s not always possible to surf in good conditions with an offshore wind but when it is, the magic happens. The left of Serenade is certainly the best in the neighborhood. In case of big swell or onshore wind, a right close to the jetty is a good option. According to the weather conditions, we will spend the night at the anchor inside the bay. Relatively exposed to the swell, it’s often preferable to carry on our route to Rau island for the night.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 7


    The right of Posi-Posi is incredible and surely the best spot in case of strong wind oriented North/North West. Located in front of the most beautiful beach of the region, this wave will thrill everybody. The atmosphere is exceptional thanks to the very welcoming villagers and the possible excursion on the coast. We set sails at the end of the night to Doi island for 3 or 4 hours of navigation.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 8

    Pulau Loloda Utara

    Located in the north West of Halmahera island, the archipel of Loloda Utara is stunning. Consist of 4 islands: Doi, Tuakara, Dagasuli and Salangdek, those spots have a big surfing potential as well. We will focus our time around the Doi island. Anchorage at night in a protected bay in the south of the island. Departure at 3am to arrive at dawn to Dana island.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 9

    Pulau Dana

    This little deserted island lined with white sandy beaches and coconut trees is absolutely sublime. Pristine waters where a healthy reef can be seen under the surf boards. Although it takes less swell than the Morotai coasts, this left is really nice to surf.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 10

    Teluk Loloda

    Hosting a fisherman company, the Loloda bay is protected by the islands of Kahatola and Adui, offering perfect anchorages. However, the swell gets in the bay and wind along a shoal between the two islands. The surroundings are splendid and a waterfall is falling from the Kahatola cliffs directly to the see. A small and protected lagoon is perfect for a swim. Overnight sailing to Ternate.

  • North Maluku (Ternate – Tobelo) Surfing Cruise with Lambo

    Day 11


    End of the trip and transfer to airport according to your flight schedule.

The route is always organized according to the weather conditions, the currents and tides.

From200 EUR
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8 January 2019 - 18 January 2019
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