Freediving Cruise

Freediving is a sport that combines physical activities with a journey deep into you: your mind, body and environment work together to achieve progress.

Our freediving cruises are chartered trips to the most spectacular dive sites in Indonesia. We will be delighted to taylor them to your needs and wishes. Freediving in Indonesia is an amazing experience and possible all year long. April to October is the best season for Komodo and January to March for Raja Ampat. The trip duration, the number of dives, the dive locations, everything will be adapted to your needs. Also wreck diving can be part of the program for instance in Cenderawasih in the north of Papua.

Feel “one” with the spectacular underwater world of Komodo, Raja Ampat or the Moluccas! Be as quiet as all fish around you! No bubbles, no noise, no weight, just you, the corals, the fishes, in full harmony and peace – what an euphoric feeling of freedom! Your body, mind and soul will become part of the ocean! Totally connected!

Freediving is an amazing way to discover the spectacluar underwater world of Indonesia.It brings you incredibly close to nature, let you leave civilazation behind you with a few hours and offers to your eyes a true festival of magic beauty with splendid colors and spectacularly shaped species. Manta rays, grey reef sharks, dugongs, thousand of tropical fish species and with luck spermwhales and whale sharks will fullfill your enjoyment while freediving. Most of the diving sites visited are renowned and ranked 5 stars and also beyond the beaten track to discover new places and live exclusive adventures.

Underwater and on land: Our freediving cruises also offer to stumble on sheltered deserted islands and get a thrill out of splendid beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters.

Our reliable and well-trained crew cares of your well-being and safety. All freediving activities on board are overseen by a professional Freedive instructor who constantly observes the weather conditions, the currents and the tides in order to ensure a maximum of pleasure and safety. We expect our freediving passengers to be certified AIDA 2*, SSILv1 or equivalent to join the cruise. We will be delighted to advise you on the right level of certification.

Passengers without certification at the moment of booking are also welcome to book this cruise. We are pleased to recommend you options to become a freediver before coming on board. You could for instance plan to stay three days in Bali or on the Gili Islands before the departure. We’ll be happy to help you organise a course for you!

Safety comes first! For each dive, you’ll have a designated buddy. We encourage our passengers to come in a group. We also offer, upon request, additional training sessions and workshops on board to cover specific skills for advanced freedivers.

A very exciting experience is Wreck freediving. Because of the sometimes rough sea, many ships sank in past times and are now a paradise for wreck divers. Many amazing wrecks can be found in the Cenderawasih Bay at the north of Papua but also at Raja Ampat and Komodo. On your request we will be pleased to propose you a trip that focuses on wreck freediving.


Itineraries, Calendar, & Pricing

Raja Ampat DIVING and SNORKELING Cruise with LAMBO

From200 EURpassenger/day
8 Days / 8 Nights
12 December 2018 - 20 December 2018
From the Dampier Strait to the gorgeous Wayag, this cruise offers worldclass diving and some stunning landscapes. This loop, compared to the Southern one, will fit to people not only focused on scubadiving, but also keen on discovering the Raja Ampat archipelago on land. As for the divers, we can reorganize the route to Misool where the best spots are ...

Komodo National Park SNORKELING Liveaboard with Warisan

From200 EURpassenger/day
3 Days / 3 Nights
12 December 2018 - 15 December 2018
Enjoy the wonders of Komodo National Park with its pristine beaches where some of them are made of coral remnants of red and white sand, its rich marine life which is certainly one of the best places in the world for scuba diving and snorkeling and nothing compare to its very wild and prehistorical atmosphere that is really unique! After ...

Komodo National Park SNORKELING Liveaboard with CLAVALIA

From200 EURpassenger/day
4 Days / 4 Nights
12 December 2018 - 16 December 2018
There is hardly any human life in its hinterland; Although it is probably one of the greatest places on earth with marine life occupying 3rd place in marine biodiversity on the planet, surpassed only by Raja Ampat, Indonesia and Great barrier reef in Australia. Its waters are home to the majority of marine life to be found in Indonesia. 1,000 ...

Misool – Raja Ampat DIVING and SNORKELING Liveaboard with Tidak Apa’Pa

From200 EURpassenger/day
10 Days / 9 Nights
12 December 2018 - 21 December 2018
Who are those 4 Kings everyone is talking about ? Raja Ampat (The 4 Kings) is a group of 4 main islands (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati et Misool) and some 600 other small ones, cays or shoals, located in Indonesian West Papua, next to Sorong. Raja Ampat is all about biodiversity! It’s said to be one of the few hotspots of ...

Komodo National Park DIVING and SNORKELING Liveaboard with Antares

6 Days / 5 Nights
15 December 2018 - 20 December 2018
Batu Bolong, Tatawa Kecil, Tatawa Bessar, Crystal and Castle Rock, fun dives in North Komodo (Gili Lawah) and much more! Without overlooking the Mantas’ Point and the Captain’s secret spots! The journey includes a stopover at Rinca Island or Nusa Kode to visit the famous dragons. After this amazing trip, you will spend one last night on the boat in ...

Raja Ampat DIVING and SNORKELING Liveaboard with Kira Kira

11 Days / 10 Nights
16 December 2018 - 26 December 2018
Enjoy a splendid cruise in Eastern Indonesia: explore the incredible Raja Ampat archipelago! The following itinerary has been designed to access the most engaging locations Raja Ampat has to offer, with intent to dive three times per day. Depending on the weather forecast, we will either plan a route starting from the Southern or the Northern part of the Park. ...
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