Freediving Cruise

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Freediving is a sport that combines physical activities with a journey deep into you: your mind, body and environment work together to achieve progress.

Get closer to nature, leaving civilization far behind, in the reassuring comfort of a well-equipped vessel handled by a caring and reliable crew. Stumble on sheltered deserted islands and get a thrill out of splendid beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters.
Manta rays, grey reef sharks, dugongs, thousand of tropical fish species and with luck spermwhales and whale sharks will fullfill your enjoyment while freediving.

Gilis Island – Sumbawa – Komodo National Park or the amazing archipelago of Raja Ampat

Most of the diving sites visited are renowned and ranked 5 stars and also beyond the beaten track to discover new places and live exclusive adventures.

  • All freediving activities on board are overseen by a professional Freedive instructor. All the sessions are organised according to the weather conditions, the currents and the tides.
  • Freediving passengers must be certified AIDA 2*, SSILv1 or equivalent to join the cruise. Please contact us to ensure that you have the right level of certification.
  • If you are not certified at the right level, or wish to join a refresher course, plan to stay three days in Bali or Gilis Islands before the departure. We’ll be happy to help you organise a course for you!
  • For each dive, you’ll have a designated buddy. We encourage our passengers to come in a group (4 passengers min required).
  • We also offer, upon request, additional training sessions and workshops on board to cover specific skills for advanced freedivers.
  • Compulsory safety briefing (1st day)
  • Location: Aboard or on the beach & open water
  • Level: All
  • Depth: Shallow

Snorkeling & fun freedive

  • Location: Mostly over a reef or drift freedive
  • Level: All
  • Depth: Shallow to medium

Wreck freedive

  • Location: Various
  • Level: Intermediate – advanced
  • Depth: Shallow to medium


On the first day, explanation of the basic skills of freediving and you will get introduced to the safety-procedures on board. Introduction of the buddy system for fun-freediving. Establish proper neutral buoyancy for local conditions. Rescue of a blacked-out freediver exercises. The daily routine aboard begins with a warm-up consisting of yoga, breathing exercises and stretching to prepare for the underwater sessions.

We provide equipment such as:

  • Mask and snorkel
  • Fins for beginners
  • Weight bell

If you have already your own equipment, please bring it:

  • Wetsuit
  • Freedive fins

We encourage you to bring a wetsuit with a hood – not only to keep you warm, but even more so to protect you from the tropical sun. Make sure you also bring spare parts, such as an extra mask strap. If you don’t have any gear or missing a part, let us know in advance. We provide also all additional gear needed for a freedive session. Our freedive floats are equipped with 50m down-line (more available by request), a bottom weight, a tethering line and a safety whistle.

Become a certified freediver or simply broaden your knowledge and ability with our partners and freedive instructors in Bali or Gilis Islands (Lombok):

BALI – Tulamben/Amed

Apnea Total certification with Julia Mouce – Apnea Bali

Courses from Level 1 to Level 3.

Course schedule: More info:


LOMBOK – Gili Air & Gili Trawangan

Apnea Total with Julia Mouce – Apnea Bali

SSI certification with Mickael Board – Freedive Gili

Courses Freediver and Advanced Freediver

Course schedule: More information : or

Pirates’ Bay is cooperating closely with foreign freedive schools: Apnea Bali , Freedive Air , Apnea Canarias , One Ocean One breath , Freedive Costa Rica

These rules are negotiable and applied according to the instructor and the freediving practicing on board.

1. Always freedive with a qualified buddy. No solo freediving permitted. This rule also applies to spearfishing.

2. You have to be a certified freediver (AIDA2*, SSILv1 or equivalent) before taking part in freediving activities aboard Zirbad.

3. All freedivers will have to attend a safety briefing with the freedive instructor on board.

4. Always freedive with fins.

5. Always freedive with a float for resting at the surface. Exceptions are possible with the agreement of the freediving instructor.

6. Correct weighting: Establish either neutral buoyancy at the available depth (e.g. reef & beach) or at min.-10m in the open water. This skill will be repeated during the safety training provided on board.

7. Before EVERY dive, the freedive instructor on board has to be informed.

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