1/ What is the best season to cruise in Indonesia?

All year! But it all depends on the area you want to explore and what activity you want to do. Indonesia extends about 5,120 kilometers (3,181 mi) from east to west and 1,760 kilometers (1,094 mi) from north to south. The weather varies enormously, also because parts of Indonesia are north of the equator and the climate there is often totally different. Some of our cruises cross the equator with the stunning effect to switch from rain to sunshine within minutes. We will be happy to consult you on the best seasons in your preferred vacation area and activity.

2/ Passport & Visa

All passport should be valid for at least 6 months after you arrive in the country…
Most passport can access a free 30 days visa for Indonesia. For the other passport or if you want to stay more than 30 days, you must buy a visa on arrival when landing in the country. This 30 days visa is extensible once for a total stay of 60 days maximum and cost approximately 35 USD.

3/ Do I need an insurance ?

As for any trip, we recommend subscribing to a travel insurance. For our diving customers make sure you conclude an insurance that includes diving.

4/ Do I need vaccinations ?

It depends on the area of Indonesia and on the activity. You should check with your doctor once you know your destination and activity.

5/ What about mosquitos ?

Yes, we have mosquitos in Indonesia but don’t worry too much as they stay away when you use mosquito sprays that you can always buy locally. Also, the more you cover with clothes the less they bite. On a boat, we have typically much less mosquitos than on land and during the night, our boats anchor at a decent distance from the land.

6/ Is Seasickness a common issue?

It happens less often that you would expect. Our captains use all their experience to always plan the cruise according to the weather so that you can enjoy a nice cruise without becoming seasick, but it happens nevertheless.

7/ Should I tip the crew ?

This is to your discretion in case you are happy with the service of the crew. At the end of every cruise, our guests typically have the wish to collect money for the crew. The cruise director can consult you what is an appropriate amount (generally, our guests collect around 10% of the total amount of their cruise). Once received, the crew members distribute the money equally among them. In any case, offering your tips in cash and in the local currency is most preferred by the crew.

8/ Can I charge my electronics on board ?

Yes. On some boats it might however not be the case 24h/day.

9/ Is there wifi or mobile signal on board ?

Only a few of our boats offer wifi, so you depend on the signal that comes from the land. Depending on the distance this signal might not be strong or intermittent. Most of our guests love the moments when they are disconnected

10/ What is Included / Excluded in the price ?

Every boat has its own policy, it also depends on the category. What is included on all boats is: accommodation, all meals and drinking water.

11/ Can we complete a booking with you 100% online on your website?

No, for three reasons. It is our mission to offer the best vacation experience to our customers, every trip is different and so are the needs of each of you as our valued customers. We see our added value in listening to our customers and in offering the trip that truly suits best. Also, we have many more offers and trips in our backhand, trips that are not shown on our website. We would like to make them available to you when we know all elements of your request. Finally, we don’t have an integrated booking system with our partners, so we always need to double-check the latest status of availability with them.