Flores & Komodo

The only place you can see the living dinosaurs: The Komodo Dragon. It also provides the best place to dive and play with Manta.

Gilis – Lombok

They called Lombok is the new Bali, with stunning shore view, blue-green seas, and mighty Mount Rinjani

Papua & Raja Ampat

People call this place as a piece of heaven. You’ll be amazed with it’s stunning view of the islands and underwater life.


Moluccas provides on of the best surfing spots in the world. And not much tourist in here, so you will feel the wave is yours.


The Island of Gods, one of the most popular tourism destination in Indonesia


Almost all of our boats were made in this place. You will see how people living in harmony in this place.

Kalimantan & Borneo

Not much tourist in here, but it’s magical traditions is always challenging for you to adventure on it’s forests.