Terms & Conditions

Payment conditions

  • 50% deposit when booking + flight tickets.
  • 50% final payment is due 30 days before departure.

Cancellation & rate modification

  • If the deposit or the full payment is not paid, your reservation can be cancelled.
  • To curtail a cruise initially booked is considered as a cancellation and refund can’t be If you wish to make a change, please contact Pirates’ Bay office.
  • In case of cancellation from the customer, of delay or cancellation of a flight inducing cutting short or cancelling your stay, the payment won’t be refunded unless your insurance covers a part of the cancellation fees.
  • Pirates’ Bay can cancel a cruise in case of force majeure, instruction of the authorities, strike, turmoil or other limiting factors. We refund immediately the full amount of your payment. However, Pirates’ bay can in all cases deduct a compensation for services partially provided.
  • Pirates’ Bay reserves the right to revise the fees in case of unpredictable changes such as monetary fluctuations, increase of the transportation rates, establishment or rise of government taxes or TVA.

Insurance & terms of travel

  • It is highly recommended to take out travel insurance – cancellation fees before your In case of inability to travel (sickness, accident, decease of a relative, employment loss etc) occurring before departure, this insurance covers your cancellation fees. This insurance should also guarantee assistance (early return, hospital fees, repatriation costsetc).
  • A medical insurance (for travels) to cover medical costs, assistance, public-liability and accidents is also required.
  • All the obligations related to your trip (obtaining a visa, valid insurances, custom formalities) are your responsibilities.


  • On the boat, the passengers or their legal representative are responsible for the damages or losses occurring during their stay.
  • Pirates’ Bay can’t be held responsible for the impossibility of providing the services expected in case of default of external contractors, conflicts or occurrence of serious problems beyondits control.
  • Pirates’ Bay can’t be hold responsible for the suffering of losses and damages by persons or goods in any case.
  • Pirates’ Bay can’t be held responsible in case of an accident or death in the locations of the journey during the cruise.
  • Pirates’ Bay doesn’t take responsibility for compensation claims related to air travel Passengers are advised that Pirates’ Bay is only a middleman when it comesto air travel organization.
  • Itineraries and activities can be changed without prior notice in order to ensure the passenger’s safety: if the weather conditions are unfavorable, in case of a technical problem or in case of the occurrence of limiting factors such as a delay in obtaining authorizationsfrom ports authorities.