Cruise to Kalimantan & Borneo

Borneo, the land of the Orang Outans, shared between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. It’s by the city of Balikpapan (North East) and Banjarmasin (South West) that you’ll you enter, by plane, in the province of Kalimantan

Superb area, very little visited by tourists, the Indonesian part of the island is named “Kalimantan”. Despite the mediatic deforestation, the region is covered with immense virgin forests, hundreds of rivers where some of our cruises are possible.

If you choose Kalimantan, it means that you are looking for a destination far from the tourist crowd, and have the soul of an adventurer! Loose yourself and visit the traditional houses of the indigenous tribes, there are still a lot! Tanjung Puting National Park offers wildlife and an incredible flora habited by hundreds of species, sometimes very surprising! It is the meeting point with extraordinary orang outans, gibbons, monkeys, crocodiles, lizards and many species of birds. It is impossible to write you all as the list is incredibly long!

Kalimantan is a very rich area! The scuba diving and snorkeling are unexploited and yet … aquatic wonders are waiting for you! In the top of the sites not to be missed, Nabucco, Nunukan and atolls that offer you unforgettable dives with breathtaking fauna and flora! Those sites are waiting to be explored!! So many species there! And just to name a few: eagle rays, leopard sharks, manta rays, turtles, barracudas, tunas, dolphins and blue marins are part of the decor. Macro enthusiasts are not left out and can shoot hundreds of species, amazing biodiversity.


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