Cruise to Sulawesi (Celebes)

Start your journey from the airports of makassar or manado and discover indonesia’s fourth largest island of the country, where christians and muslims live in harmony

Cruise to Sulawesi (Celebes)

A cruise to Sulawesi is a leap in an ancient pirate tale.

Tanah Beru and Bira are the birthplace of Phinisi traditional wooden boats. You will visit impressive shipyards, where Bugis’ (South Sulawesi original people) ancient technique is still used. You will admire their stunning work and hear their adventurous pirates’ stories!

A cruise to Sulawesi is the discovery of beautiful diving sites similar to giant aquariums. No wonder that Cousteau described it as the best diving in the world! Dive in the triangle of Bunaken – Bangka Island – Lembeh or visit the beautiful Togian Islands and their stunning coral gardens. Explore the underwater world in Tanjung Bira or Wakatobi, where gray reef sharks and many pelagic fish are waiting for you. Our cruise to Sulawesi will bring you further, sailing to Selayar and Taka Bonerate from Bira or Wakatobi.

Dive or snorkel in this wonderland and get mesmerised by all the colors that these sites have to offer!


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