Surfing Cruise

The Indonesian Archipelago offers an amazing underwater world, unscathed landscapes and waves that are close to perfection!

On top of the exceptional surfing sessions planned, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy campfires, beautiful hikes, snorkeling explorations and fishing trips.

Live your Passion!

Passion is what we live for and surfing is our passion, we invite you to experience the best of it with us!

Sama Sama and others surfing boats trips are only recommended for advanced level and experienced surfers – But, of course, non-surfers are also welcome on board to enjoy the cruise and the beautiful nature.

The Skipper, an experienced Surfer himself, has great knowledge of the ocean. He will get you to the right spot at the right time, drop you next to the line-up with the dinghy and guide you in the water.

How to assess my surf level?

You are ready if you are reef-experienced and able to properly perform the basic surf maneuvers like take-off, bottom- and top-turn. The Sama Sama is also your best choice, if you like to spend most of the time in the barrel.

Experience in time+ level of skills= surf level
3 years more than 20 days / yearRiding green waves + basic maneuversIntermediate / Advanced
3 years more than 60 days / yearWide range of maneuversAdvanced / Experienced
3 years more than 99 days / yearFull range of maneuversExperienced / Pro

Intermediate / Advanced

  • Moluccas Area
  • East Nusa Tenggara from Flores to Timor (April – May bigger waves) & (October – November smaller waves)

Advanced / Experienced

  • Moluccas Area
  • East Nusa Tenggara from Flores to Timor (April – May & October – November)
  • Telos

Experienced / Pro

  • Moluccas Area
  • East Nusa Tenggara from Flores to Timor (July, August, September)
  • Telos
  • Mentawai
  • Java

Waves calendar

According to your schedule, choose the right spots at the best times:

*December – March: The Moluccas (Northern Moluccas islands)
*March – June: Nusa Tenggara (Flores <=> Timor)
*July – October: West Java – Sumatra
*October – November: Nusa Tenggara (Flores <=> Timor); Komodo => Bali


Itineraries, Calendar, & Pricing

Diving and / or Snorkeling Cruise in Komodo National Park with Duyung

From170 EURpassenger/day
5 Days / 4 Nights
24 June 2018 - 28 June 2018
We do 1 to 2 dives the first and the last day or snorkeling sessions accordingly. 3 dives are planned on the other days. There are so many unique places to explore! Very rich marine flora and fauna, rare species, incredible marine life and underwater scenery. Great number of little scattered islands, some of them uninhabited. Home of the komodo ...

Komodo National Park SNORKELING Liveaboard with CLAVALIA

From200 EURpassenger/day
4 Days / 4 Nights
24 June 2018 - 28 June 2018
There is hardly any human life in its hinterland; Although it is probably one of the greatest places on earth with marine life occupying 3rd place in marine biodiversity on the planet, surpassed only by Raja Ampat, Indonesia and Great barrier reef in Australia. Its waters are home to the majority of marine life to be found in Indonesia. 1,000 ...

Komodo National Park SNORKELING Liveaboard with Warisan

From200 EURpassenger/day
3 Days / 3 Nights
25 June 2018 - 28 June 2018
Enjoy the wonders of Komodo National Park with its pristine beaches where some of them are made of coral remnants of red and white sand, its rich marine life which is certainly one of the best places in the world for scuba diving and snorkeling and nothing compare to its very wild and prehistorical atmosphere that is really unique! After ...
Last cabin

Bali – Komodo National Park – Bali DIVING and SNORKELING liveaboard with ADELAAR

From3,850 EURpassenger/trip
11 days / 10 nights
25 June 2018 - 5 July 2018
Discover the breathtakingly beautiful emerald isles of the Komodo archipelago, with Adelaar’s luxury historical Liveaboard. Our Komodo dive itinerary departs and returns to Bali, which means you won’t have to add-on additional flights, pay additional excess baggage or miss dives because of no-fly times. 29 dives are planned during the trip. The meeting point will be at the wooden jetty ...

Bali – Komodo National Park SNORKELING liveaboard with KATHARINA

From2,990 USDpassenger/trip
7 Days / 6 Nights
26 June 2018 - 3 July 2018
Immerse yourself in the Komodo National Park and Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands from an intimate perspective, cruising through a panorama of islands and encountering new wonders on a daily basis. This adventurous, 8-days inclusive voyage of discovery aboard the 14-passengers Katharina offers a cross-section of remote beaches, quiet coastal villages, jungle-clad mountain ranges, towering volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, tribal rituals, a ...

Bali – Komodo National Park SNORKELING liveaboard with OMBAK PUTIH

From2,990 USDpassenger/trip
7 days / 6 nights
26 June 2018 - 3 July 2018
Pick at Sorong airport, boarding on Euphoria after getting the Raja Ampat entrance ticket, lunch on board and late afternoon departure to Mansuar Island. Anchor near Sawandarek village. Check dive at Home Reef near Sawandarek. Then heading to Arborek island where we will dive with Manta Rays in Manta Sandy and enjoy the beautiful coral gardens of Drom Reef and ...
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