Cruise to Sulawesi (Celebes)

It is through the airports of Makassar or Manado that you’ll arrive on the fourth largest island of the country where christians and muslims are living in harmony

Tanah Beru and Bira are the home ports of our pirates. Indeed, it’s THE place of “ Phinisi” boats building (Indonesian traditional wooden boats) in the ancient technique of the Bugis (original community of South Sulawesi). You will see here, impressive shipyards that can sometimes be equivalent of 3 floors buildings! Bugis will be delighted to take you on board to make you admire their work. Ship boy, you will remain speechless …

The region of Toraja has preserved its traditions. You can not leave without seeing a traditional funeral ceremony. It’s about 3 to 5 days and everyone is invited. Family, relatives, people from the village and you! Indonesia is a haven, even in though times, you will be part of the “festival” because yes, despite the pain, there is a time for sharing and joy between rituals, offerings, sacrifices and traditions which are unique in the world!

Sulawesi also offers beautiful diving sites with the triangle of Bunaken – Bangka Island – Lembeh, real giant aquariums! Togian Islands are offering their stunning coral gardens. It’s so beautiful that it will be hard to leave! Finally, less known but equally surprising dives in Tanjung Bira or Wakatobi where gray reef sharks and many pelagic are waiting for you. Let’s have a dive or a snorkel in its wonderland and all the colors that these sites have to offer, you will not regret it!


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