Freediving cruise in Indonesia

A freediving cruise in a calm and spectacular landscape that combines physical activities with a journey deep inside yourself. Your mind, body and environment work together to achieve peace of mind and endurance.

Our freediving cruises in Indonesia are chartered trips to Indonesia’s most spectacular dive sites. We offer tailor-made trips to meet any wish and expectation. We can easily adapt the trip duration, the number of dives, the dive locations and everything else to your specific needs. Are you a beginner who needs more practice? Talk to us! We will bring you to easy yet diverse spots where you can improve your skills while having fun! We also create special packages focusing on specific sites or training.

Freediving cruises in Indonesia is an amazing experience that can be done all year long. April to October is the best season for a freediving cruise to Komodo, while January to March is the time to sail to Raja Ampat. These regions are some of the world’s richest in marine biodiversity. Freediving is a quiet sport and without making bubbles nor noise, you’ll be sure to swim in harmony with the fish. What an euphoric feeling of freedom! Become part of the ocean and deeply connect to your body, mind and soul!

Our freediving cruises in Indonesia will bring you incredibly close to nature. You will leave civilization behind and soon assist to a true festival of magic beauty with splendid colors and spectacularly shaped species. You will swim with manta rays, grey reef sharks, dugongs, thousands of tropical fish species and, if we are lucky, with spermwhales and whale sharks. Take a freediving cruise and visit renowned dive sites ranked 5 stars or discover new places and live exclusive adventures.

Our freediving cruises in Indonesia offer more than just freediving. The program flexible options include both underwater and on land activities, that we can adapt to your interests. From chilling on a desert beach to visiting traditional villages or discover birds’ sanctuaries, we can create the perfect trip for you!

Safety comes first! Our reliable and well-trained crew will take great care of your well-being and safety. All freediving activities on board are overseen by a professional Freedive instructor who constantly observes the weather conditions, the currents and the tides in order to ensure a maximum of pleasure and safety. For each dive, you’ll have a designated buddy. We encourage our passengers to come in a group.

On our freediving cruises in Indonesia we accept passengers with AIDA 2*, SSILv1 or equivalent certification. Contact us directly for advice on the required level of certification.

You are not certified yet and you would like to come on a freediving cruise? Contact us directly to know available options to become a certified freediver. We are also specialised in creating special packages that include courses in Indonesia you can complete before you board the freediving cruise.

You are a certified freediver who is looking to improve his skills? On our freediving cruises in Indonesia we offer additional training sessions and workshops on board to cover specific skills for advanced freedivers upon request.


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