Explore the Moluccas and Banda Sea

It is through the airports of ambon and ternate islands that you start explore the moluccas and banda sea, this archipelago where muslims and christians live in peace, in the respect of tradition and nature

If you decide to explore the Moluccas and Banda Sea, you are most probably an adventurer who loves nature. The Moluccas archipelago offer an exceptionally well-preserved natural environment where you will meet rare fauna and flora!

Explore the Moluccas’ beautiful deserted beaches, lined by coconut, guava and mango trees!

Explore the Moluccas’ connection to the spice trade If you like to plunge in the smell of history. Also known as the “Islands of Spices”, the Moluccas remain some of the world’s major distributors of nutmeg, cloves, vanilla and pepper. Amaze your sense of smell!

The Banda Sea and its breathtaking underwater wonders are a divers’ paradise! Meet hundreds of species as you explore the Moluccas and Banda Sea underwater world! Swim in coral gardens among thousands of fish species and meet the long-awaited hammerhead sharks in November and April.

Wave lovers will love to explore the Moluccas’ perfect surfing spots! Ancient sites of Morotai and Halmahera (North Maluku) are suitable for beginners as well as to advanced surfers. Surfing in the North of Moluccas is at its best between December and February.

Quite unknown, the route Ternate – Raja Ampat offers a fabulous diving experience. Abundant schools of reef sharks and others pelagic fish, incredible well-preserved coral gardens are guaranteed! Ideal for the adrenaline types who enjoy diving in strong currents!

Explore the Moluccas’ Kei Islands in the South, some of Indonesia’s most precious pearls! You will discover an untouched land where dynamite fishing has never been used and underwater life is colorful and abundant.


Itineraries, Calendar, & Pricing

Ambon – Banda Sea – Raja Ampat DIVING Cruise with LAMBO

From220 EURpassenger/day
10 Days / 10 Nights
25 Nov 2019 - 5 Dec 2019
This cruise, rich and varied, brings you to explore three stunning scubadiving areas of Indonesia. Your journey starts in the Ambon’s bay. Temple of the muck diving with the famous Lembeh’s strait, Laha is the mecca for underwater photographers looking for Critters. Hairy frog fish, Indian walkman, Ambon scorpion fish, Rhinopias, Ghost pipe fish, Seahorses and other creatures could be ...

Maluku Islands SURFING Cruise with SAMA SAMA

From230 EURpassenger/day
10 Days / 10 Nights
26 Dec 2019 - 5 Jan 2020
The Maluku Islands, Moluccas or Spice Islands are located in the Pacific, surrounded by Sulawesi, New Guinea and North & East Timor. For six years, the SAMA-SAMA has been the ONLY regular surf charter boat to have treated lucky guests (November to March) to completely unchartered surf spots in the mysterious, beautiful and virtually unknown Maluku Spice Islands. Our detailed ...
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